How long should I wait?

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I had a medical towards the end of May and was TMU'd as I had to do a peak flow chart and they wanted extra information on previous injuries (I have dislocated both knees). I was initially told that hopefully I should only wait 28 days until the follow-up medical. I was informed all this was a formality as it was very unlikely I would fail, due to the fact I had joined the Army Reserve just a few weeks earlier.

How long should I wait before I pester someone, and who should I pester? The RN or my GP? I'm slightly concerned with timing as I know that the upper age limit to join as an officer is 25, and I turn 25 in September. I have spoken to someone from the RN's web chat and they say that age-wise I will be fine because I started the process in time. Is this definitely the case?

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Contact your GP - check the required information has been sent. Very often GPs send an invoice before they do anything - if yours has requested payment in advance - expect to wait ten weeks.

If yours has provided the information required more than two weeks ago, contact your AFCO.

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