How long should a woman wait after childbirth to make love?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by RonJeremy, Apr 2, 2009.

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  1. Just read this article:

    What a load of old c0ck! She doesn't give birth out of her back passage does she? Give her the day off after childbirth (it gives her the chance to catch up with the housework and ironing which has been accumulating while she's been loafing in hospital) but then why not just bash it up her sh*tter? Or shove it in her mouth and throat gag her? If you want her to think you're a 'new man' (the sort that all those retarded womens magazines and that TV programme with the ugly ginger fcuker, the thick cow, the filthy slut and that pig faced cnut Sarah J Parker in it tell us we should all be aspiring to) and you want her to think of you as romantic, you can maybe push the boat out and use some lubrication. Some people use KY but personally I don't think there's owt wrong with just gobbing a big grolly on her knotted balloon before you smash her back door in.
    Empty your bag and fcuk off downstairs back to the cricket on TV while she dhobies the man milk from her sewage hull valve and feeds the new rugrat. Job done!
    I should write these fcuking advice coloumns!

  2. PMSL, you get my vote, forget Dear Deidre here comes RJ

  3. Thanks for the support Wrecker, should anyone require any impartial and compassionate advice on matters of a personal nature or dealing with relationship problems feel free to post them all on here and I will endeavour to assist and provide guidance and understanding help. Failing that I can provide ridicule, humiliation and dogs abuse...
  4. Re: How long should a woman wait after childbirth to make lo

    I doubt a majority of you guys realise how much sh*t one woman has when giving birth. Her anal passage is gonna be saggy for a good while after woulds, if not, then take the rough with the smooth.

    It's hard for a woman to control her 'sh*tting' needs after giving birth, you may just be lucky for her to sh*t over your c*ck, if it floats your boat. And lets not forget the amount of bleeding that occurs after woulds, like a mini massacre on the go.

    As for giving head..........would you trust a lass with your d*ck in her gob, when a week prior she was threatening to rip your balls off and feed them to the neighbour's cat??

    However, if you're into S&M/Santanism then crackon lofty xxx
  5. Re: How long should a woman wait after childbirth to make lo

    Adds a bit of excitement in the bedroom, not knowing whats going to happen next. If she's giving head and clamps down you can always smack her round the head with a hammer
  6. It does my f'ucking head in when you hear women whine on about child birth and how hard being pregnant is. I just feel like saying "shut the f'uck up you whining bitch, you haven't done anything amazing. Women have been giving birth for millions of years and all of a sudden you think you're doing something fantastic. And stop moaning about pregnancy because it was your choice to get pregnant. If you doidn't want the pain of childbirth then ytou shouldn't have opened your legs for someone who just want to f'uck you ... you stupid slag".
  7. You shouldn't talk about your mother like that Nails, it's disrespectfull
  8. How many kid's have you fathered? God forbid that you were ever given the right too.........
  9. Mum jokes are so 1999
  10. What does that have to do with it? Every spastic on the country has the abilityt to get pregnant and bring children up. It's not something special or amazing or an achievment. So women who act like they should be given a medal for just giving birth are stupid c'unts. They've been doing it since cave men times so as far as I'm concerned pregnacy is a piece of p!ss. It's just some women like to make a big deal about it to get attentions. "boo hoo look at me i'm pregnant, give me time off work, don't smoke near me, don't make me do any chores". Fuck off woman and get a grip of yourself.
  11. Is that the same as 'last century'?
  12. Oh sorry i didn't realise you were joking
  13. Year of your hatching by any chance?
  14. Dous a favour, go shit out a small footie team and let us know how you feel after woulds.

    Or is your daddy still pounding your arse, like a good lil boy :lol:
  15. Re: How long should a woman wait after childbirth to make lo

    Polto . Stop asking him difficult questions.
  16. Lol cos giving birth is like shitting a football team. Stop being such a stupid, silly woman Denny Jabber. All this talk of squeezing a melon outside of something that's the size of a grape is bullshit too. That's just the way it is. Men aren't to blame for this. Take it up with God if you have any issues about your minge being too tight. What do you want smaller babies or a wider c'unt? You're full of sh1t Denny. Just accept what a woman's place is in this life and stop moaning about pregnancy cos countless females have done it and will continue to do it. No man gives a sh!t. Infact we get stung worse with pregnancy cos the slag usually decides to get pregnant on purpose then take all your money. F'ucking slags who do that need their kids taking off them and then sterilizing and beating with a stick. Now go and tidy the kitchen and do the washing ... woman!
  17. Re: How long should a woman wait after childbirth to make lo

    I've just cum in my pants......Jenny you sound like you know how to party in the sack you little minx!
  18. This Thread title is quite misleading. To “make love†gives the impression of an act of caring tenderness. What is actually being discussed is largely a gristle assisted orifice assault. A sort of woman assisted wank.
  19. POL as soon as I mention anything, topics get changed into argument central!!

    Nails has a point but then again women giving birth is worse than a man having toothache (which I am certain is a mans worst pain) and not only the fact that women just have made a new life into this world, I think nails is an alien and does not see things like humans, nails go and do something useful... even sign on the dole!
  20. Re: How long should a woman wait after childbirth to make lo

    How is bringing a new life into the world something amazing? It's been done since time began. I wish people would stop making a big deal out of it. Lets be honest even animals can figure it out so it can't be that f'ucking hard to accomplish. And all these women who think they are so great for simply carrying a baby (like every other f'ucking woman on the planet), if you're that f'ucking smart and superior, how come you can't change a wheel on a car or reverse into a f'ucking car park space? I'd be more impressed if I saw a woman do one of those things as opposed to do what they are naturally designed to do in the first place and simply give birth.

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