How long is the wait from application sent to the fitness tests when applying for Seaman Specialist?


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I hope to apply to become a Seaman Specialist, and I hope to apply sooner than later. The only thing holding me back is my 1.5 mile run time. I am currently around the 14 minute mark, however, I am constantly training and have brought the time down recently from an awful 19 minutes. So fitness is getting there, but still a lot to shave off.

I was wondering if it would be a risk to apply now. Or do you think it could be doable to get my run time down from 14 minutes to the required time limit between the time of application sent today to the PJFT?


Working on the basis that I know nothing about you other than what you have chosen to divulge my advice would be to get your fitness sorted out while there are no other pressures. You are then working at your own pace and not being dictated to with limited time to respend. Good Luck!


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Thanks for the link! Really appreciated. It's a task, but you know what I could achieve it if I put in a hard graft.
I've applied to become a sea spec and I've followed the pre- joining fitness programme religiously and it looks daunting but I've lost 5 stone and got my 1.5mile run down from 25minutes to 9:50....


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Wow! Really? Great achievement. How long did that take for you? because my 19 mins and your 25 are not that far apart. :)
About 3 month ish between getting asked by AFCO if I wanted to retake my medical (ps I was in McDonald's when they rang) and 1 week after passing my medical I passed my PJFT.

But in total I've been waiting almost a year to join has a sea spec haha


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Fitness right now is my only worry about putting in an application right now, but you are proof yourself that can demonstrate that if you dig deep then you can go from awful run time, to a run time that can pass between the time of application sent to your test run.

Maybe it could be achievable to go from 14 mins to under the 11 min mark if I put in my application right now. :) or is it still a gamble to apply with my current time stuck at 14 mins?
If you really want to join the navy you'll do it.
Another tip is to work out your BMI and check it against the medical stuff I believe it's got to be under 28 for a over 18 year old male not sure on females.

And run on a treadmill as much as you can as the first PJFT is on a treadmill makes a massive difference!


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Thanks for the advice mate. I will always be working hard on it. A lot of time to shave off, but I would take 14 mins over my old 19 mins any day. :) I'll be an applicant one day, and soon at that. Thanks for the advice. Really appreciate it. :)
No problem that's what this forum is for! but I would advise applying as soon as you'll have good 2/3 months before your PJFT anyway and gives you abit more motivation.


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Thanks again, I will try and bring it down to the min mark then send off my application. Hopefully at the most that takes 2 months to do.

Is the treadmill on an incline for the PJFT? :)


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Thanks. PRNC looks daunting/fun. Nothing I wouldn't be doing at Raleigh though... but it's just the thought of doing things I know may struggle with etc...


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Long waiting time, eh. Tried to explain that earlier, but nobody was for having it xD... must be some sort of ritual newbies have to face lol. I just have fun with it.

Thanks for all your advice.