How long is it after you leave the service can they still charge you??

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, Sep 16, 2011.

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  1. Left the mob a few years ago and probably did some naughty no V naughty things that probably would have meant the departure of my bollocks from my body. When can I breathe a sigh of relief and reveal my sordid past to the Diamond Lil'ers??
    I often think how the flying fcuk did I get away with that!!:-D
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I'd guess you're safe as houses, home & dry as soon as you hand-over your ID Card, Stan.

    To prove it, anyone due to leave can put this to the test for you by simply nutting a random Joss in the face on their way out of the gate, whilst uttering the immortal line - "I'm a Civvy, you can't touch me, Skate"

    We look forward to hearing the result. :-D
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  3. This also works for 6 weeks after any deployment. PTSD is going to get me out of so many 'brick-initiated love affairs'.
  4. Thats the first confession I never handed my ID card back!!
  5. Do you still nip back to a base to get your free socks??
  6. I seem to recall on discharge in '04 that it was 6 or 9 months after leaving you were still subject to the NDA. I understand that is to stop people nutting the Joss on the way out :)

    For anything which may have a civvy criminal equivalent whats the limitations on time after the event.............:)
  7. I left 26 years ago, and I'm not going to admit to any misdemeanors, if the FEDS want me then they can work for it
  8. Surely calling him Chief would be far more wounding.....
  9. Nor me on retirement from the Prison Service, I'm still " A prison Officer with all the powers of a constable" plus a big fat pension. Hey Stan we could be Walts.
  10. The NDA used to apply for 6 months after leaving. Not sure about AFA06. If it is an offence covered in civil law though I suppose you could be investigated at any point.
  11. Thats where he went wrong, shooting the Gun Dog is jolly bad form, shooting the Adjutant is acceptable in fact in some Colonial Armies it appears to be compulsery. The only time it is acceptable to shoot the dog is if it is a sheep worrier.
  12. Some 10 years ago, maybe a bit more I recall a SNCO from the Royal Marines, who's time had expired(22 years), court martialed 5 or 6 months after he had been discharged, he was found guilty but could only fine him. The offenced happened whilst he was still serving so they do have the power to recall you.

    His offence I believe was knuckling a junior rate.
  13. I think we might need a new thread along the lines of "Stans Crimes!"

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