How long from able rate to Leading hand

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Rausman1, Jan 15, 2013.

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  1. Hi
    Starting soon as SA.

    Quick question, would like to know whats the average time you may know or the fastest time you have heard if anyone going from able rate to leading hand in any division but specifically SA.

    Just a heads up, wouldn't want to be an able rate forever. And promotion challenge is what I aim for.

    Thanks guys
  2. Anyone there lol?
  3. The problem is no one knows much about SA's.
    Special Agents are secret.
  4. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    Don't be stupid,

    I don't know many South Africans though either sorry...
  5. far to many variable will affect this, getting in the poo is one ask rummers he was always on the promotion ladder
  6. edited second post, OK this won't post will post then posts twice is taking the ????:tongue2:
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  7. Different branches different time frame, its difficult to answer the question, hopefully a Jack Dusty will come along and spin the dit
  8. I agree. Different branches different waiting times.
    My case I joined as an MEM(M) in March 1980. Picked up my hook in 86.
    This was considered pretty fast. Jack Dusties would wait about 10-12 years. Dead mans shoes. Only so many LSAs you would be waiting for someone to die to get promotion.
  9. Yer but its been reported they live for years
  10. The quicker you complete all aspects to be ready for LH the sooner you can be picked up for selection. I.E completing trade taskbooks, CRNBCD or what ever it's called (NBCD in old money) taskbook, write up's, etc

    Most of that is down to the individual

    Every turn of the shaft is a new adventure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Get in first. One step at a time.

    Otherwise as above. So many variables. Your vice towards the demon drink, time keeping, appearance, ability to do the job!!!! The list is endless.
  12. So an SA is not a stokers apprentice after all.
    No wonder i could never get a wheelspanner.
  13. May be but you achieved the spanner bit OK?
  14. Was you the other side of the hyphen,........the ******?
  15. sgtpepperband

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    Mod Edit: Several posts deleted due to crayoning. There is a place for that sort of behaviour. Spivdiver and Tommo are to report to the Tiller Flat with First Aid kits... :roll:
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  16. You have missed the boat pal, had you joined up back in the day you could have ended up issuing the bubbly.
  17. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    It took me three years, from Passing Professionally for Leading Seaman, to picking it up. Mind you that was in 1959. Is that any help=)
  18. Passed the course in July, picked up the hook in September, backdated to July. Wonderful things dry rosters. I was a Mickey Mouse Killick for just over a year, but, like Granny, it was a while ago. ------1956, so possibly not of much use to you.
    However, I have noticed a preponderance of three badge killicks in all the recent uniform photos I've seen, so I wouldn't hold my breath or get the wets in just yet if I were you.

  19. The general criteria for pre-selection is:

    Completion of your CBRNDC Task Book
    A good report from your course as well as a good one from your first establishment and ship
    Completed your OPS for AB1
    In date for your RNFT.

    Any one of those for missing and you can not expect to be presented to the board. There's a lot of varying factors as well, such as having a badly written report or one with grades that don't match the report.
    One of the big pick ups is that you have to show that you have spare capacity, but in such a way that the selection board understand it.

    To give you an example, I also am the RN Football referees appointer for the Eastern sports area (coincidentally, the biggest) and have to direct a Commodore, a Rear Admiral and others higher on the naval food chain than myself and appoint them to various matches being played. On top of that, I also have to sit on a committee, help decide on which referees are being promoted and make recommendations on officials for Interservice fixtures. I am also the most Junior rating to have ever held the position and, unless the Ordinary Seaman is brought back as a rate, will be forevermore.
    This was all mentioned in my report and demonstrated my spare capacity quite well. However, the board most likely did not understand how big a job it actually is and that I was still doing it in conjunction with my day to day activities. Sure, I was disappointed, but at the same time I achieved a good grade without actually trying. My more recent report is even better and if I somehow don't get picked up from it, I'll definitely want to know why (If there's none to promote, then that can't be helped).
    Though this should demonstrate that even if you happen to be the best SC in the world, you might not get promoted because the board happen to think that someone else is better or just doesn't understand the context of you showing spare capacity.

    But also showing keenness, volunteering for stuff - even the crap jobs - puts you in the eye and you would be remembered better when it comes around to when your report gets written. Also, if you do disagree with a report, do not ever be afraid to challenge it but also ensure that you do have the facts to back you up if you ever do so.

    As an aside, I'm rather hopeful that I will get promoted to the National List of football referees this season, so if that does happen it's going to cause an awful lot of fun and games on my next posting due to the need of being released for representative sport on a weekly basis! Which would almost certainly more than make up for missing out again ;)
  20. I'm pretty sure the RN pay you for being a scribe, not a football referee, so the need for you to be released is possibly only yours and not the RN's

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