How long, for travel expenses to be paid..??

Had my interview on the 12th, had to send in my expenses afterwards, due to a mix-up with ferry fare receipt.

Sent them off on the 20th, recorded delivery. I reckon they'd have received them by the 23rd at the latest.

Anyone any idea how long they take to process the claims..?

I'm skint, and could do with the dosh :)
I had my interview on the 13th like you I had to send my forms to them ( as I only had a booking confirmation for my hotel and not a receipt) havnt been paid for my expenses yet but it usually takes 2-3 weeks. You might get them at the end of the month
Hope all went well with your interview, you mentioned travel expenses did you have to travel to Portsmouth for the interview or can it be done at the local AFCO?
All interviews are done at Portsmouth, the RFA will give you a travel expense form so you can claim back the cost having to get to and from the interview
As someone else said they are all at Portsmouth, I had to fly down from Glasgow at 6am and the next flight back wasn't until 9pm .... Because I could get it done in a day I had no accommodation booked but it was a long day for an hour long interview haha
I'm a wee bit further north than Glasgow but if i can do it in a day then that would be good
I'm a wee bit further north than Glasgow but if i can do it in a day then that would be good
Well my interview was in the middle of the day so I had plenty of time to faff about before and after.

My mate is actually going for an interview next month but its first thing in the morning so they sorted him accommodation. Just your luck I guess.
Well, as of today, I'm still waiting for reimbursement.
Interview was 12th May, they'd have received my claim around the 23rd.

Anyone else been waiting for travel expenses to be paid out..?

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