How long does the medical take


I have my date for my medical but want to see if it takes longer than 2 hours total so i can get back in time for work?

obviously i will talk to my work if not but saves hassle...



Can't remember the exact time but it didn't take 2 hours. Probably about half an hour. I suppose it depends on how long it takes you to do 5 press ups.
Unless there is a hold up at the beginning and you have to wait for your appointment can't imagine it will be 2 hours. Mine was 45 mins at the most, had to do press ups in me under crackers.
I had to do them in my bra and nicks, its to check you aren't hiding any injuries i think? Unless i was duped :( they are not timed or anything just to check your skeleton moves the way it ought to. As long as you follow the advice on the letter and turn up on time (10 mins early) i wouldn't worry.
Yes my medical was done with Capita. I'm sure there is a thread outlining the whole process.
ahhh thank you i will have a hunt for it now

Im getting a train there and its 2 hours each way and meant to start work at 2 so just want to make sure I don't mess people around.


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Press ups at a medical?
Yup. At mine I had pressups, situps, jumping jacks and lunges. Only 4 or 5 of each one, think it's just to make sure you don't show any signs of duress doing simple things. Mine took about 30-45 minutes the first time (failed due to fat bastardness) and about an an hour the second time but that was mostly due to waiting times as there were a few of us there.
The longest part of the medical is waiting for your bloody GP to send paperwork over to capita if there are any medical issues from your past the doctors want to iron out. Was an absolute pain in the arse to get mine sorted.


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The medical itself, assuming the doc is not runnng late, should take between 20 to 30 mins.

They do conduct a Beighton Test and your spine for mobility (touch toes, etc) but press ups are not usually a mandatory part of any medical. That said I've heard tell of people having to "walk like a duck" and stuff. Just don't fall for the "please take your clothes off" gag.

In short, it's the same as the RM medical, except the minimum weight bit: Medical Examination- What's involved? | Royal Marines

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