How long does it take to get paid?

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by NautiusMaximus, Aug 5, 2008.

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  1. Following on from a little side-topic in a recent thread, I was wondering how long people take after joining the RNR before they start getting paid? Is it worse than it used to be, is there a difference between joining via the direct officer route or as a rating? That sort of thing.

    As for me, I joined up in July 2007 via the direct officer route, passed my AIB in March 2008, got my service number in July 2008, and still haven't been paid. Is a 1 year (and counting) wait to get paid typical, or have I been unlucky?
  2. Pretty standard unfortunately.

  3. It's not unheard of! What does your unit admin say?
  4. They say I'm finally in the system now and I'll start getting paid very soon.
  5. Well essentially you weren't in the service at the very least before you passed AIB. Did your SC paperwork get submitted to DVA before or after that point? Essentially if it was after then 4 months from passing AIB to actually getting on the system is reasonable. SC takes in the order of three months.

    So essentially there was no reason to pay you until after March, at the earliest.
  6. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. Being in the RNR has been a lot of fun, and I certainly didn't sign up for the money. I'm just curious, that's all.
  7. As i tell anyone who comes along to our recruitment presentation who mentions the word pay, if you're joining up to earn some spare cash then you'd earn more and eat better working for McDonalds. You'd also get paid on time.

    Sad but true. I honestly don't have a clue what i've been paid for, what i'm owed or anything. Its been made worse by money going into the bank ad-hoc. I don't even get chance to see it before i've spent it. The first i know about being paid when i get my pay slip - usually a fortnight later!

    Even then i can't understand WTF I've actually been paid for!

    Rant over.

    1, 2, 3 your back in the thread! :thumright:

    edited to remove quotation marks. Wouldn't get many through the door that way would we?
  9. WM it may be small but read my edit at the bottom.
  10. Small print eh!!

    Clearly you must have been a used car dealer or insurance salesman in a previous life!!!

    I bet you do say that though...go on admit it...!!
  11. Well, you can usually expect to be in bed with a wren about three hours after you first turn up.

    Wait, was that 'paid'? Never mind.
  12. In your dreams :whew:

    Thats why he needs to be paid,to pay the wren lol :thumright:
  13. 1 year to get paid isn't bad, i've still got AB1's that are being paid as new entries, they look on it that they are still being paid.

    on another note make sure that you claim your travel for weekend training in unit. we've just been told that since JPA we haven't been despite being told that we would be by our UPO.

    Nice big bonus coming my way when we get back in September though as they have kindly said we can back claim it.
  14. The bit about doing it for the money yes. You would have to be bloody daft to do this for the money! They also get told that its worth the wait and they need to look at the bigger picture. 6 - 12 months of frustration all pays off when you get to Raleigh.

    The comments made by the poster are completely irellivant and not worth the web page they're written on. Any comments may not be taken down in evidence and used against me :thumright:
  15. Only the armed forces would normalise the fact you don't get paid for a year to take on challenging work. There are plenty of companies out there who require a SC and/or DV to do their job, yet I bet they get paid from day one. Frankly it's pish, and a poor reflection of all involved in the chain (RN, RNR and MoD civil servants).

    rant over!
  16. In bed with a wren? does your accomidation have a double bed?
    Well, have you seen the size of the average wren?

    Stand By incoming!!
  17. Thank goodness I am not normal then :thanks:
  18. o Goodie, you free?
  19. She's not free. :(
  20. Having been to Raleigh and conversed with full time new entries; it seems that they don`t ...on the whole encounter the same difficulties that RNR new entries and other personnel experience; n relation to pay and expenses.

    Most full time new entries receive there pay very soon after starting at Raleigh... This lends me to deduce that there seems to be some possible bias against RNR new personnel being properly and timeously paid and the required administration all that entails....?

    Having worked for several large employers during my working life (including the Civil Service)... I have never, ever, ever, known such incompetence, blatant disregard, and contemptious treatment of valued and loyal emloyees. Citing the security checks as the main reason is undesrtandable.. However many other civilian employees have to undertake these checks to a certain degree before they receive clearance to work in sensitive areas.... I bet none of them would be wiling to work for months without pay until they receive the required security clearance?

    Is your life so devalued that they expect you to defend your country.... possibly giving the ultimate sacrifice....and not even pay you correctly or on time?

    The whole system is a shambles.....READ MY LIPS..... "there is no excuse"

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