how long does a medical last?


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Have a look at the top left hand side of the page, there is a search facility, there are several answers on this already
Someone has to put the lad out of his misery so here goes.

Are you young and handsome? If so your medical could last as long as a day if the medical assistant falls in love with you. If you are a bit rough and chavish then the medical will last an extremely short time as he knows that you will be game for a bit of sport and he will onl;y have to buy you a diamond white and apacket of fags.
If offered a meat injection, refuse it.
From entering the AFCO today to leaving after my pre-med and medical was 4hrs 15 minutes. The guys assured me this was unusual, but just so you know, it might take a long time.


I know you are just looking for info, but why is this an issue? A short medical may not be thorough enough, a long one may be too thorough and pick things up which are not relevant. Are you hiding something you don't want us to find?

At the end of the day, it will take as long as it takes. Length of time is irrelevant - have you something better to do?

Our medical slots are 30 mins. The AFCO Medical Examiner will check the following:-

Height, Weight, Eye-sight (Including colour perseption), hearing, Urine sample, Blood pressure, Pulse check, Breathing check (Are you still!!), a visable check of your body for scars, injuries ect, they will talk to you about any previous medical history. Basically a once over to make sure you are not trying to get in with any medical problems that we will have to deal with in the future.

Hope this helps, if not ask you careers advisor


angrydoc said:
have you something better to do?
Unfortunately, I did and now it means I have to stay up an work through the night. :(

Never mind though - I'm sure I'll have many more experiences of working both day and night if I manage to get in!
There were 4 of us, and we were all given the same time to come in. I was last on the list. The premed for all 4 lasted the first 1hr, then the doc took 45 minutes to test each person. I was last on the premed, the doc came in just as I was finishing that up, and no one knew which order he was going to call people in, so I couldn't leave to have lunch or whatnot.

I managed to watch the HMS Raleigh recruiting video about 6 times though! :p
Jesus christ on a bloody cross, I call wah on this fecker.
WTF does it matter how long it takes 15 minutes or 4 hours? You've got to do it to get in, so man the feck up and get on with it.
As for procedures, the Lumber Puncture stings a bit.

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