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How long did you serve?

How long did you serve?

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Oct 89 to May 99 WEM(R) only left because of the OM thing. still miss it though!

Unfortunately you were t aloan, you suffered from the knee jerk reaction and only saw the down side to the changes and how they affected your career path; you would never have guessed how much the Navy as a way of life once left behind would actually affected you until it was too late.

I left in 1998 and had the discussion with a few LWEM(R) and WEM(R) about their options, some stayed a lot left.
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Spent 7 years (1957-1964) as a Writer. Went from Ceres to Pembroke to Ganges (as ship's company I might add!), then to Trafalgar (the destroyer), Phoenicia/St Angelo, NATO (Joint Service) Northwood, Cochrane, then to the Army's HQ Southern Command Salisbury as part of another joint service Planning Group.

This last posting was such that I would seriously have considered signing on IF I could be guaranteed to stay in Salisbury - it was that enjoyable a posting.

BUT, in the final analysis, it was my experience of the totally different attitude of Army and RAF officers towards both junior and senior NCOs that accelerated my decision to leave the RN - they were generally poles apart from snooty Navy brass and I couldn't stomach any more. Never regretted it since.

Hope the modern Andrew is more inclusive and less class-conscious for the current generation.
It's interesting to see by far the largest majority served less than 4 years. Nowadays, the average person serves 6 years - and still retention is an issue.

On the one hand, if everyone stays, promotion is very slow.

The average persons personal circumstances change over 6 years. Separation becomes more of an issue if you have a partner, even more so if you have kids.

The current retention "solution" ? Bin shore jobs & increase deployments to 11 months (with a couple of weeks off in the middle).

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Joined in 1963 and left in 1975. No regrets whatsoever and would do it all again but only over the same time period. JEM, JEM1, REM, REM2, REM1, LREM - done.
Joined 22nd July 1990, left 04th July 2013

22 years 11 months 13 days, I was on EC6 which would have taken me to 18th November 2018 but I left medically with pension and war pension

Glad I left - yes
Do I miss it - no not really

Joined as a RO2 and left as a PO(CIS)

Luckily I had kids n stuff late so left when my daughter was 2 and my son was 8 months, being an old dad is hard though :(

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