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How long did you serve?

How long did you serve?

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I did 35 years man and boy on both Targets and Submarines plus foreign postings and finished off by spending my last 7 working years as a civvy in M.O.D
Joined in June '65, DBP May '72 when I got married. Had a couple of Type 14's (Russell and Hardy) but served most of my time in diesel boats - volunteered while still in Raleigh would you believe! I think it was the lure of the extra 9 shillings per day that did it. Had a couple of trips out to Singers to bring boats home (Andrew & Cachalot); luckily they went different ways so I did get to go round the world.
Then, just to make life a bit more interesting I joined the TA REME and did 13 years in that, even blagging my way to sergeant - higher than I got in the RN (A/B UC2).
Often wonder how things would have turned out if I'd stayed, but I've had a reasonable life since. Ended up doing 20 years as an AA Patrol, so if you've ever broken down anywhere between Salisbury and Exeter from 1982 to 2005 you may have had my happy smiling face staring at your smoking motor. (and yes, I know 1982 to 2005 is 23 years, I had the obligatory mid-life crisis break in 1990, but made sure I didn't burn my bridges when I left!).
Just become an OAP and for the last six years have been gently fixing up my house in Brittany. With a decent red wine at just under £2 a bottle, life ain't so bad here! :grommit:
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Joined Ganges in 1969 and just read the book HMS Ganges Days if you close your eyes while reading the book you are back there. Spent 25 happy years in the mob and 19 with HM Coastguard and now retired enjoying life.
I knew as soon as I had written if you close your eyes you are back at Ganges some smart arse would send a post of how can you read with your eyes shut. Anyone from 19 recruitment at Ganges joined in August 1969

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