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How long did you serve?

How long did you serve?

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18 Jan 1971 - 10 Mar 2005

34 Years, 1 Month & 23 Days!

I left early 'cos I wasn't sure if I liked it or not
Ha Ha!!

For the braver younkers:

Ben's Post is good example of the twist on the standard question directed to long servers.
Try this one sometime, your AFCO is a good place to practice it*:

Ask politely, innocently and reverentially: "How long have you been in, Chief/PO/Hookie/Badges?"

Usual answer: "x Years, y Months, and n Days".

Supplementary question: " Wow! But do you think you'll like it?".

*Always ensure a Taxi is standing by.

PS for Ben - You beat me by 12 months and are thus Q'd as a SOB, but you are still an OD as I had 11 years in before you even joined. :wink:

...expecting incoming from those pre-1960joiners who will put me on my place. :blush:
Over 23 years, by a couple of months. 17th June next year I will have been out longer than I was in. Mrs Lujonsa says I have to stop spinning dits on that date.
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Long enough to care,too short to worry!

Psychologically I'm still in... Pass those torpedos mate! :lol:
In for twenty two plus years, some better than others, some bloody awful, one or two wonderful!
Glad it's over but still miss the travel and some of the people and places.
Tis not the same now but then it never was, thanks for the good times and forget the bad. There a bit of philosophy on a Friday!
March 1959 to Jan. 1982, long enough for the novelty to wear off. WINJ , no, fed up,frequently!. Would I have rather not done it? No I went to and saw places I would never have seen any other way. Good oh for a single man, less so once married.

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