How long did you serve?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by dunkers, Jun 11, 2006.

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  1. Less than 4 years

  2. 4 - 8 years

  3. 9 - 12 years

  4. 13 - 16 years

  5. 17 - 23 years

  6. 24 - 30 years

  7. 30+ years (bloody hell!)

  8. Long enough

  1. How long were you (or are you still) in the mob?

    Let us know :lol:
  2. 24 years man and boy,i sleep next to an anchor at home.
  3. Nine years active + 3 reserve. Good years they were to.
  4. 14 yrs boy and man ........yes i would do it again... 8O :!:
  5. 17 years, man & boy (trog) - some bad memories :( , but many more good :D

    My old dad, 85 and still going strong - 26 years man & boy and would do it all again.
  6. I did just under 8 years but only because I was given 2 choices, a draft to Culdrose or a draft to Lee to do Weapons Electrical conversion. I didnt want either so I put my notice in, and ended up becoming the weapons point of contact for the lynx (poetic justice that)
  7. 17 years of pure joy, thought it was great then got a civvy job and realised what I had been missing, wish I had come out years ago now :cry:
  8. 24 years 2 months , mostly good , can't think of a bad draft , only think of the good times , don't know if I could do it these days with all the human rights ********* breathing down your neck , and I'm probably one of the most placid blokes around , the world has truly gone down the tubes moraly. :roll: :lol: certainly glad I did it just to get the pension . 8)
  9. i did just over eight and got fed up with the OM's taking over and no postings for the WEM's to go to,
    I did try converting but i got stuck painting the bloddy ship for six months and reverted back to an easy life of drinking tea.
    and why do all the OM's have to ask what an OM O is? a few of them got a slap :roll:
  10. Psychologically I'm still in... Pass those torpedos mate! :lol:
  11. That would have been the stupid OMs! AW lot by any chance?

    I only did 5yrs, enjoyed my time but this topmast stuff was silly. Wish I stayed in alot longer but I am happy as I am.
  12. [quote="Jenny_DabberThat would have been the stupid OMs! AW lot by any chance?[/quote]

    yeh it would of
    i think the think that topped it was i was asked by the DWEO to go and have a look at a faulty button an OM had logged and when i got there i just undid the panel gave it a wiggle and it freed itself, now i know they had only just started but they could of given it a go
  13. Got past the 22 year point, with 2OE (10), then was told, at the Xmas do by a mate who was 845s manpower controller, that I'd be joining them shortly to get more time in the sandpit. 8 months after that conversation I re-catted to civvy and finally became a Mister.
  14. 34 years from the age of 16. (32 of them in the Submarine Service)
  15. 23 Years 10 in Skimmers and the rest 4 knot fudge packing
  16. Just coming up to my 12 year point - the lyrics should I stay or should I go are rattling around my head daily!
  17. Stick it out for the pension mate :p :lol:
  18. 24 years man and boy. Would I do it again ?

    I doubt it very much having read a few stories in here
  19. 26 years boy and boy!

    Loved it and had some great fun, meeting some fantastic people on the way Only been out 10 days so I cannot really comment on civvie life just yet.

    Don't miss being a DO, late nights early mornings, young officers speaking to me as if I have no idea what I am on about, Lt Cdrs who think they are God (CPOs are GOD, live with it), the good ideas club and most of all, the NDA.
  20. Agree, I wish I had done.
    My old man, 85 and still a Navy pensioner, says I should have done too. :)

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