How long did it take Capita to review your medical info?


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You should get your Triage call within about 4 weeks of returning your completed medical questionnaire and optician report form to you AFCO.

Capita usually email you first, to advise when they intend calling you. Check your junk mail.

During the triage call they may advise you they need to write to your GP for further information - if that's the case, then the delay is very often because your GP requests payment upfront. Sometimes a polite call to your GP practice manager to enquire whether they have provided the requested information may help speed things along. Unfortunately, some surgeries will not release the information until they receive payment so this can significantly delay progress. The average surgery takes about three to four weeks to supply the information requested.


Did you go to a PDA first? If so what run time did you get?
Nah I had my triage call and they had to go through my gp for medical records, they had a meeting to review them Thursday apperantly I haven’t heard anything since.
it’s annoying because I’m doing really well with my mile and half (got 9.25 last week) but the longer this drags out the less motivated I am to get my runs in!


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You might not even have a call, I didn't at all and was just informed of the date for my medical.
It on the content of the medical questionnaire. Some people mistakenly think if they declare nothing then they'll pass the face to face (f2f) medical without issue. Alternatively those who pass triage can still face delays or indeed be knocked-back at the f2f, or after joining.

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