how long could i be waiting?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by aidanx1, Feb 27, 2011.

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I have completed every aspect of the recruitment process ( passed my test in early june 2010) applying for WSS(SM), and was told 18 months. I done PJFT on thursday in 09mins45.

    My CA Has started bidding for a place for me, and he said that i would most likely be in this year, but i was wondering if any of the Career advisors on here could give me a less vague answer based on my application? There has been no slip ups, and i have passed everything first time.

    Im not asking this to be arkward, i just dont feel like i have anything to work towards, and its just fustrating waiting for the unknown!

    Many thanks,

  2. ohh 2-3 years? I have just found a thread where Ninja_Stoker said that they expect these branches ( WSS(SM) included) to be under 18 months.
    So what is right? i dont think they would of asked me to do my PJFT if they didnt think that i would be in, in a years time? does it last longer than a year?

    many thanks,

  3. Anxious Aidan,

    Please look again at that Ninja_Stoker post you have found. However old/recent it may be his Signature Block clearly states:

    <<Always verify any advice at your nearest AFCO

    All views expressed are not those of the service & all Careers advice offered on this website is in a strictly unofficial capacity

    A search through the Forums will show that you are not alone in that very frustrating waiting game.......

  4. You get in when you get in be patient . Your CA will only give you an estimate as he / she cant make promices until the official notice comes through, he/she would not last long in their job giving out false promices! If the original time was 18 months your still looking at dec 11/ jan 12 minimum anyway, there are many people in the same position. Some as you can see on the site have been waiting for a long time. Best advice don't put your life on hold keep fit and focused, its said over and over here your CA is the only person that can give you your dates
  5. i know that i shouldnt take what ninja as gospel, but he wouldnt say it for no reason. i know they dont give promises, but its so fustrating, i just want a month, so its something to work too.

    Also while im at it, how do they work how long you have to wait, ( i got told 18 months after my test), but dont start bidding for a place until you complete all the required tests?

    Many thanks,

  6. Look most of us have been waiting far longer. Iv been waiting since June 09 your get in but I doubt it will be this year. Hold tight and shut up. Wouldn't want to go to Raleigh with you if you were asking why and when all the time.
  7. You have to be patient! You're looking at a two year wait at least. I was initially told 18 months, but then Raleigh closed down from November 10-May 11, which means whatever you were told needs to be extended by 6 months anyway.

    We've all been in the same situation, & yes it's frustrating, but just stick it out & keep training & it will come!
  8. Ditto same time as me.
  9. Aidan. Im waiting to join the same branch as you are. Ive been waiting since Feb 2010 and my CA thinks i "might" get a date for spring 2012. So with that in mind, and another lad on here going for the same branch who also is also probably looking at 2012. I'd stop worrying and settle into the waiting time. It'll go faster.
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2011
  10. As already stated, speak to your careers advisor. Ninja is a careers advisor, so if he knows about branches being pulled forward, so will your own CA. As Jimbo has pointed out, verify eveything with your own CA.

    There are many many people who passed RT's well before you and still haven't got dates.

    The best piece of advice has already been given to you - just keep training and be patient, your time will come.
  11. Try waiting 30month... ive been waiting since oct 2009 for AET, and my careers advisor doesnt know when im going in... just be patient, itl come, hoepfully soon... good luck!!
  12. Same boat as you mate. I kinda did put my life on hold a little teeny bit as I am now pleasantly unemployed for the first time in my adult life. Money is not an issue but the prospect of a continued lengthy wait with nothing but my "hobbies" to quell the boredom.

    I think I am going slightly mad. I hang on every bit a of juicy news I can find and am growing more and more worried about whether there will actually be a job for me at the end of the wait.

    I am seriously considering changing my trade to something with a shorter list. If the wait for AET gets any longer it will become impracticable for me.

    I wonder what the wait time is for Hydro/Met/Chappie is.
  13. What's a Chappie?
  14. Was just refereeing to the hydro guys that also do the weather lol.

    Edit - Referring
  15. Never fails to amaze one how quickly the impatient 'Are we there yet?' generation moves up from infancy to full immaturity.
  16. On the plus side, at least we'll all be practically Olympiads by then with all the PT. Best advice I've been given is (obviously) to go over everything again and again, and PT like you wouldn't believe. That way when you're numbers called the whole thing will be a piece of piss.

    It's what I'm aiming for anyway...
  17. Hey aidanx1,
    I have also applied for WS(SSM) too,
    I phoned my AFCO just earlier, and ask him a few questions about my application ( he rang me a week back to book my PJFT, as he said that WS(SSM) was being pushed forward.)
    And he said, that once i pass my PJFT he will start bidding for a place for me ( he also said that he would be suprised if i didnt get a place this year), he has also sent out for my referees to write references.

    Hope this helps,


  18. I demand a place in basic tommorow if not then I'll sulk with my bottom lip out and stamp my feet! Only joking re taking my fitness test again today though, good times!

  19. Its a long time! I'm going in as HM, have a date for Raleigh, but by the time I get there it will have been about 30 months waiting in total.

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