How long between PJFT and PRNC on average?

Hi all.
Apologies if this has been covered beforehand, but I am new on this site. I passed my PJFT on Tuesday (3rd May), saving myself 34 seconds. I am just wondering if anybody knows roughly how long the wait is between passing the PJFT and getting a place on the PRNC.
Thank you


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Your PRNC is not requested until you are allocated an entry date. PRNC must be taken within six months of entry.

Your AFCO will notify you once to have an allocated entry date.
Hold fast M96 is the guy who knows a guy on the forum who knows a guy, who knows another guy, who knows a Horse with a mouth , who will be able to give you a better answer


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But how long does that usually take Ninja?
Your careers office will advise you of an anticipated entry date.

Waiting times are just estimates, change monthly and are dependent on vacancies, training places, number of applicants and delays at medical, etc. Currently, for those applying for Sea Spec today, the anticipated wait from test to entry, assuming there are no delays, is about ten months.

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