How long, after psychometric test..?

Discussion in 'RFA' started by FTOeire, Mar 14, 2015.

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  1. I took the test on Friday 27th of last month (Feb), and passed. I got email to say I had passed on the following Monday

    Anyone got any idea how long it takes for them to do the 'sift' process, and when I'd be likely to hear, yay or nay, as to whether I'll be going onto the next stage..?

  2. it won't be quick, that's for sure. If you do everything right and pass the interview you might get a start in January if your lucky. Don't be handing in your notice yet.
  3. I took my test in July, sift was August, interview was October and started in January.

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  4. Could be fairly soon then, or ages away..!
    Confusing, to say the least.
  5. It's a very frustrating process, but one that does work. Stick with it as it's worth the wait

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  6. Cheers... I'll just wait then... I'm good at waiting..!
  7. Good luck.

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  8. I sat my test in November or October, one of the two... Had my sift interview in January, AIB in 6 weeks and hoping for a September start at BRNC.
  9. G&G

    G&G Midshipman

    Its an October Start at BRNC :)
  10. I keep saying September for some reason. Even though I know it is October.
  11. Hi FTOeire,

    Took my tests on Mon just gone, 23rd March, and got my interview date e mailed to me at 15:34 on the same day. What trade are you going for ?
  12. I've applied for Steward, or assistant chef as I think they call it now.
    I'm an ex-stoker, but I quite fancy a change from stinking of diesel.
  13. Well I know the RFA are desperately short of Motormen, although as you say Steward quite a change from the "oily depths". Have you had a chat with Jago Rd, to see when they want Stewards, also if you have the IT skills why not try for Comms ?
  14. I actually have an abundance of IT skills. I'm currently a PC Engineer.
    I know they are recruiting Stewards at the moment. An acquaintance of mine joined last year, and he gave me the heads up.
    You can only choose one job option when filling out the online forms though. It would've been handy if there was more boxes to tick.
    Have to see what happens at interview stage, if I ever get there.
  15. Hi Everyone, Just looking for some advice please , I've just recieved my application form which i'm nearly ready to send. I'm hoping to join the RFA as a Steward, once I have sent my application how long am I looking at before I sit the RT as want to make sure i'm ready. Does anyone know the pass score for that position? Also would it be an Apprenticeship, if so do you know what the starting salary/leave would be? Thanks :)
  16. No idea what the pass score is. The test is in four parts though, and each part is timed.
    Just look through the sample tests they send you. You'll have a good idea what to expect.
    Its all done with pencil, and paper. No computers or anything.

    Work as quick as you can on each section though, as the time will get away from you.
    I was happily working through part one, then the adjudicator said 'One minute to go..!'
    I still had five questions left. I just quick guessed at them.

    I upped the pace on the next three sections.

    Its all common sense really, and multiple choice.

    Enjoy it, and good luck.
  17. That's great Thank you , I have printed off some practice tests to get an idea and ordered some Psycometric books to revise, so hopefully it will all help.

    Thanks again :)
  18. Plenty of practice will help a lot, especially working at pace. Do some timed practice tests.
  19. So have you thought about RFA Systems Engineer then ?
  20. Six and a half weeks, from test to interview.

    Got my interview on 12th May.

    Onward and upward..!
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