How It Went!

Hi there!

Well I went down the nearest AFCO as you all know!

Started off with a nightmare as I was 10 minute late 8O, But I actually got there half hour early, just couldn't find the place because they moved it from the AFCO I visited when I was 13!

Anyway, glad to say I was the only one there who was dressed smart - All the men there were an ensemble of tracky bottoms, t-shirts, caps, greasy uncut hair and beards - I'm in no-way exaggerating!!! The two girls that were there were dressed in the chavviest clothing imaginable and it was funny to see all of them slouching and yawning. I think I must have been the only one who'd been in the forces before as they clearly hadn't (Hope I wasn't slouched and yawning during my visit to the Army Careers Office when I joined at 17!!!)

Anyway, because I was late I had to stay behind and fill out a form. I got talking with the female officer there and when it came to the 'Have you been refused service due to an injury before?' then I had to confess that I had been in the Army before and lasted just 6 weeks!

What a relief though that she was reassuring me every time I said something negative like; I only did 6 weeks, I was more immature then, etc - She just kept saying 'That's okay', 'That's fine'!

But I couldn't fill out an application because I've got to present my discharge papers from the Army and all my medical notes which I seem to have misplaced (Threw out) so I've got to phone the AFCO tomorrow and explain that I can't find them and I need the number to phone to get copies sent to me!

Lol the best moment came right at the end (At least I think this is a compliment) when the officer who did the presentation came into the small office and then the female officer said 'Another ex-serviceman wanting to join who lost his discharge papers, ex-army in fact!' and then he responded by laughing and stating that he new somehow I was an ex-something or other! So hopefully that's a good thing?

Anyway, will let you know any other progress from now on!

Thanks for all the advice again everyone! I really appreciate it!

Hopefully I'll be letting you know in a couple of months that I've been accepted!

Thanks again!
Glad to hear it went alright Creddly and that you showed up all those shabbily dressed others. Oooo, they're going to get a big shock in basic... :twisted:
Thanks Civvy, Thanks Copenhagen!

No sorry Rosina, I didn't!

I wish I had now as I would have probably had extra brownie points! lol
Thanks lads!

Just hope my shoddy work-history, lack of qualifications (None) and inability to stick the Army for more than 6 weeks doesn't prevent me from passing!

All I know is if I get in, I'll give it my all! :twisted:

The man who was giving the presentation was a chief petty officer and I was surprised because he said he left school early with no qualifications and he joined as an Air Engineering Technician! 8O

Alright Pooley mate? I'll be on MSN in an hour and half if I'm still up!
Well done, Creddly!

Turning up smart and clean shaven gives a great first impression. I told you how all my aptitude test-mates looked! Like a sack of shit, most of them! One girl was so late she had to be rang- she was in bed- and no-one was interested at all. The girls were the worst, it has to be said. No effort whatsoever. And no common sense. And one wanted to be AET!

Don't keep getting yourself down over job history and exams- your chosen trade doesn't require GCSEs. Ok, you've got to do well on your test, but when they say they don't need GCSEs, they mean it! You're clever anyway, you always use good grammar. That counts for a great deal.
Look, i'm able to hijack posts with sordidness without the help of you lot!!

I'm at work too. I hope it'll be alright... I mean, it's related to my next job... right?


War Hero
creddly said:
The man who was giving the presentation was a chief petty officer and I was surprised because he said he left school early with no qualifications and he joined as an Air Engineering Technician! 8O
No, he would have joined as an AEM most likely, they don't have mechanics/artificers any more, just "techinicans".

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