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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SJRM_RN, Sep 7, 2010.

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  1. Ignorant morons.
  2. Only those aspiring to be :bootyshake:
  3. As usual its the religeous right that usual stir it up with some dumb chest thumping and pontificating. Of course he's safe being thousands of miles away from harm aint he!
  4. For once I agree with your comments..I wonder how this so-called priest would feel if it were Muslims burning the Bible?
  5. More interesting if they had been 'Ignorant Mormons'?
  6. At least this Terry Jones was meant to be a comedian:


    Gen Petraeus is right. What's that old saying about "don't kick the dog up the a**e with your fingers in his mouth".
  7. Watching the news this morning it look like the Black Panthers have marked the devil dodgers card with something along the lines of, 'will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger', happy days.
  8. Good on them, nice to see normal people still have some balls !! Stand up for what you believe in (or dont in this case) and dont let anyone tell you otherwise, whether it be "allah" or anyone else !
  9. or not
  10. looks like he's just pissed on the chavs barbecue. :geek:
  11. Some could say that Jones has smoked out the true attitude of Islam when the reaction of many muslims world wide has included the threat to kill Western tourists, attack embassies and their staff and make the whole Western world pay in blood. :?:
  12. One of the 40,000 books burned by the Nazis on the night of the 10th of May 1933.Was by a 19th-century German poet Heinrich Heine written in his play Almansor the words
    "Where they burn books,they will,in the end also burn people.
    Guardian g2 10/9/10.
  13. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Hmmmmm :?

    This whole episode & this one begs the question. Is Islam a totalitarian religion?

    Edit, Is all religion totalitarian?
  14. Only only for those who wish to be dogmatic about it. :wink:
  15. Yes some would say that. :roll:
  16. Hmmm, need to think about this one.
    Is it
    a/ The don't give a shit factor,
    b/ Done it already,
    c/ Education?

    Threaten the Muslim way of life and tradition, out come the death threats from not just fanatics but every day Joe/Ali's.

    Christians don't do that as we peaked with our fanaticism with the Inquisition, sooo very yesteryear, and we have evolved past giving a sh1t as it interferes with our social life and pleasures.

    Which leaves the point that fanaticism usually breeds better amongst the uneducated, deprived and vulnerable.

    The solutions?
    A crusade and kill every Muslim on the planet (slow and messy, plus some of them Balkans Muslim chicks need A seeing to,.. not seeing to).

    We could all convert to Islam to stop division, but we cant practice our own indoctrinations, so that's a bit of a hound that wont hunt.

    I know there is a third option. How about we just treat their religion as we do our own, ignore it and don't even think about or comment on it.
    And whilst knocking the Septics about their vocal capabilities and their frequent use of it, remember we might be the same if we lived in a free country, and did not have the restrictions of Law and Censorship imposed upon us. There but for the grace of god/Allah and all that............
  17. lock em in the twat box and throw away the key
  18. Who?
  19. em who else :p

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