How important is the money?

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Navylark, Mar 10, 2006.

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  1. Just wondering what the consensus is?

    For my part - "something that is free has no value..." so the pay is important. I get fed up hearing the PSIs trottng out some sort of party line that says "not to rely on the money" but then the management can't understand why the troops feel like saying..."then don't rely on us turning up?!"

    Even if the pay side is largely irrelevant to most typical RNRs, a quarter of a day's pay worth nothing compared to civvie jobs, it has been earnt so should be forthcoming with no arguments and endless cockups and excuses. If nothing else people rack up so much in expenses that they often don't see for months.

    The RN and COMMARES should take note this is part of the retention and recruitment issue or are we expected to see the RNR like being a Special Constable?
  2. I whole-heartedly agree... whilst we're not subject to employment law, I believe the MoD tries to follow it's principles, one of which is summarised as "a fair day's pay for a fair days work on time".

    I have had RNR pay delayed until next month on more than one ocassion. This wouldn't be tolerated elsewhere, so why should a Reservist have to put up with it? I'm sure not everyone can treat the pay we earn from ORT or SA as "pocket money", and it is arrogant and presumptious to think so.
  3. Yes, agree with what is being said here. Must admit if I did not get paid for this then I would still do it because (most of the time) I enjoy it, but I probably wouldn't do it as often if I wasn't getting paid. However I guess the same could not be said for the students etc who join as money is an issue for them.

    I would miss my bounty though I have to say !

    I have heard regarding pay delays that there is only one person in CENTURION who processes the pay for RNR and if he/she is off then there is no cover, so our pay gets delayed.

    But yes, you are right it would not be tollerated in a civvie organsation (and neither would the "technology" we have be either for that matter....)
  4. Surely not, even taking off the FTRS folks who, I believe, get paid at the end of the month, so presumably by the RN paymeisters, there must still be over 3000 people to be paid by the one person. Seems a very big run on the 15th for one poor soul.
  5. Agree that one person dealing with all our pay seems very light. I thought the reason we where paid in the middle of the month was because it was a relatively slack time. Standing by to be corrected!
  6. All civy jobs are hourly paid and you get paid what you work !

    What other organisation would use 1/4 days ? and pay you accordingly. with the RNR it would/ could be easier to work out if it was hourly. The man in the street would also know exactly how much he was going to get paid.
  7. I'm resonably sure it is true to be honest - this is the MOD/RN we are talking about remember !

    Would be nice if it wasn't true, I agree.

    I don't know how the exact payroll process works but 3000 to process over a period of four weeks is not that much, works out at 150 a day average and that is assuming all 3000 members of the RNR have earned something that month.

  8. Sinbad says
    which isn't quite true, the Forces don't have the monopoly on the salary you know? (but that's not relevant right now!)
  9. Bonjour Pierre -
    explain what minimum hourly wage/ rate is 4 then. (in the real world)......... some people in the RNR depend on supplementing their own wages with extra earning from the RNR
    ui don't remenber quoting anyone had a monopoly on any salaries !
  10. I must admit that the RNR pay has pulled me out of the mire on more than one occasion and whilst i do not keep as close an eye on my payslip as some, it does p*ss you off when the money you are entitled to doesnt materialise.
    Has anyone else here previously recieved a payslip showing £0.00??? there are people who left the RNR months ago who still get payslips sent through!
    i've been in over five years and only found out in December that all those travelling (even passengers) should get a 442 enabling them to be paid for the extra travel, food etc.

    Bring in pay related work thats what i say!!!

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