HOW - Help Our Wounded - supporting injured Royal Marines

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by rmmum, Apr 19, 2010.

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  1. Hi,

    I hope you don't mind me joining and posting this, but I just wanted to let people know know about a new fund raising initiative that has been set up to try and raise funds for injured RM. All monies raised go directly to the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund.

    "HELP OUR WOUNDED is a fundraising arm for the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund, Charity Number 248733. HOW was formed on the 4th March 2010 because of the number of seriously injured Royal Marines returning from operational tours in Afghanistan Iraq and other areas of armed conflict. A number of charities were approached by our injured Royal Marines for funding but were turned away because funds were not available. Even Help For Heroes couldn't help, saying to one Royal Marine we do not help individuals. It appears all Help For Heroes money goes into building projects such as hospitals, swimming pools and rehabilitation centres. None of the £40,000,000 raised so far goes to help the injured servicemen or their families financially. So it was decided to set up HELP OUR WOUNDED to supplement existing Royal Marine charities with funding to help the injured and their families return to as normal a life as possible.

    Mission: First to provide ongoing financial help not only for today or tomorrow, but for life. A number of Royal Marines are double or triple amputees, some suffering from blindness and disfigurement. The conditions which our injured Royal Marines find themselves in has a long term impact on their standards of living. These men and there families need long term financial help.
    Second and probably the most important is to provide suitable employment for our most seriously disabled lads into becoming professional fundraisers and to look at other forms of employment to suit their disabilities."

    There is a Fan Page at Facebook for any of you on there, who would like to show your support for the lads, or get involved in fund raising events. Over 2,500 members in a week
    HOW link

    Plans for a website are afoot and should hopefully be online in the near future
  2. rmmum, interesting that you should post this as I was talking to a Royal not long ago and he backed up what you have said about H4H. He suggested if you wanted to donate it would be of better use to donate to BLESMA or as you say the RM Charitable Trust Fund. I have no wish to malign H4H as they have done great work but if money is not being given to needy individuals who have become disabled in the line of duty then something is badly wrong. Having donated to H4H in the past it is my intention to investigate this alleged shortfall further.
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Re: HOW - Help Our Wounded - supporting injured Royal Marine

    Geared specifically to help injured Royal Marines & their families.

    It is unfortunate that separate charities need to be established to ensure the money actually goes where the benefactors actually intend.

    Heartily endorsed.
  4. Or you could always make a donation via the link provided.

    Incidently I will be doing more fundraising for H.O.W in the not too distant future as I would like Royal to get as much help as possible
  5. BUMP

  6. So would I and thank you for pointing out that I can make a donation through the link provided, I might have missed that one.
  7. Nah bother :wink:
  8. Re: HOW - Help Our Wounded - supporting injured Royal Marine

    If any of you are golfers, HOW is looking for businesses, associations etc that would be interested in putting together a team for a golf charity day against The Royal Marines Golf Team, then please email Jo at [email protected].
    Details to be confirmed
  9. I agree, H4H have done a fantastic job, both in providing resourses for rehabilitation and raising public awareness. However I feel that they are such a big brand now that smaller specific charities are feeling the pinch.

    I see that H4H made a grant of £100,000 to BLESMA, but that won't go far considering the number of amputees there are.

    I'm not sure that the public realise that H4H don't actually provide financial help for injured servicmen/women.
  10. rmmum, I am sure the majority of generous people don't, if they did they may well revise their choice of recipient.
  11. Re: HOW - Help Our Wounded - supporting injured Royal Marine

    Well I donated to bootneck yomp knowing it would be going to the lads, not forgetting Tommo of course in the London Marathon.

    Mentioned before in another thread you donate to the charity you feel is right for you. Not forgetting we are all brothers and sisters in arms few quid here few quid there does help each charity.
  12. Re: HOW - Help Our Wounded - supporting injured Royal Marine


    This is my first time posting so if I mess it up (which is more than likely!) please bear with me!

    I hope nobody minds me posting this. :oops:

    After Op Herrick 9, I decided to try and raise some money for Help for Heroes and the Royal Marines Benevolent Fund. However now that HOW has been launched, I think the money would be better spent in their hands. I, like most people I know, would prefer to support a charity that is 100% RM (not that I have anything against H4H!)

    So in November of this year, I will be taking on the challenge of trekking to the Base Camp of Mount Everest to raise funds for HOW. If anyone knows of anyone who may like to sponsor me, I would be hugely grateful if you could pass my justgiving link around. There are plenty of other events taking place for HOW so if this one doesn't interest you maybe something else will!

    If anyone would like any further info please feel free to get in touch.

    Thanks for reading!
  13. Re: HOW - Help Our Wounded - supporting injured Royal Marine

    Hi and welcome Red_White_Green, if you don't mind me asking what are your links with the Corps?
  14. Re: HOW - Help Our Wounded - supporting injured Royal Marine

    Well done to you and I hope you enjoy the experience. I know that H.O.W has only recently been formed so I E-mailed one of the organisers to lend my support as every penny earned should go to the people who need it I.E Royal.

    I'm currently raising money for the R.M.B.F but after this event I will be switching to H.O.W

    Good luck
  15. Thank you to everyone who raises money for Royal Marines serving and ex that are in need of help.
  16. Re: HOW - Help Our Wounded - supporting injured Royal Marine

    Hi Finknottle

    I certainly don't mind you asking - my link is my husband who serves with 45. After a few difficult tours I thought it was about time I got off my butt and showed my support!

    Best of look with your run X.R.D! I will pass your justgiving link around. Hope it all goes well and and you reach your target...and welcome over to HOW!

    Best wishes :p
  17. Red_White_Green, good on ya, our son is also with 45.
  18. Re: HOW - Help Our Wounded - supporting injured Royal Marine

    The mighty 45! :lol: Best of luck to him and all your family for Herrick 14 next year xx
  19. Re: HOW - Help Our Wounded - supporting injured Royal Marine

    If theres anything that I can do...just shout...

    Stuffing envelopes, doing design for posters etc....I willing to give time etc. to help our wounded royal heroes!

  20. Re: HOW - Help Our Wounded - supporting injured Royal Marine

    And the same to you and yours. :)

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