How Global Are We?

Starter for 10 - I don't want this to compromise OPSEC or PERSEC but I just thought it might be interesting to know what sort of geographical reach we have among RNR posters to RR.

No need to give exact details but general regional information might be entertaining - for example I know that FlagWagger is in Canada and SO2 Seaman is/was in Australia on business.

I am currently in the Middle bit (between Suez and Sri Lanka - is that sufficiently vague for the MODs to accept?)

Where else have we "settled - either long term or short term (but I don't include holidays)


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broadside said:
I know that FlagWagger is in Canada ...
Given Canada's size, I'll refine this a little more - I'm in the Ottawa Valley in Eastern Ontario about 2 hours up river from Ottawa itself.
I moved here while on LOA so technically I was actually on the RNR books while living over here, however, staying has meant that while I still post to the RNR forum, I am no longer in the RNR itself. For the 20 or so years that I was active in the RNR I was based in the Midlands (Brum), South East (Brighton), South West-ish (Brizzle) and finally the Midlands (Brum)again.
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