how gay are you?

OK Hig, according to your little test, I'm 100% ass-goblin!

I don't think it works properly on Americans. We're obviously too sophisticated :lol: :lol:


War Hero
23 percent and it says I need to loosen up as women like men a bit more feminine these days. Think I shall stay as I am and not wander into shirt lifting territory ;-)
I got 26% too, but my missus got an uncomfortable 36%. Ah well, as long as I get to watch!!

ps. Maybe you 'yanks' are just too liberal....... :wink:


Lantern Swinger
26% seems to be the ARRSE average as well.

Perhaps all of Her Majesty's finest are approximately 1/4 gay.


Can't believe I got 26% as well , & no way am I any where near gay , I just love lesbians though :lol: :roll: 8) , love'ly jubbly .
higthepig said:

im 26% gay,amazing what we dont know.
It doesn't work because the link is incomplete. It should be: Gayometer

Fascinating... Apparently I'm 46% gay. Perhaps I should have answered NO to that question about leather (motorbike) trousers! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Tried again... suspect being happy to spend over £100 on a Jermyn Street shirt and wanting to be an Indian when others wanted to be cowboys when I was a kid explains the rest :lol:
higthepig said:

im 26% gay,amazing what we dont know.
I got 10% I paid twenty quid for my last shirt and I thought then I was getting ripped off. At the time I wanted to be a cowboy but I think those redskins could do with a little help and they had a rough deal with that there firewater for land crap!

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