How fit for HMS Raleigh?

I know I should be as fit as possible, but what I want to know is,how fit are most people who go to HMS Raleigh. I know it will vary from class to class, but I would be interested to hear how fit your average 'joe/joanne' on entry to phase 1.

Any first hand experiences would be amazing, such as times for runs or numbers for push/sit-ups


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The "average" person joins adequately physically prepared, having already passed the PJFT and the pass/fail physical elements on PRNC.

Times are a-changin' as there will be many on this forum that rocked-up to Raleigh, Ganges & BRNC with no prior physical preparation, but nowadays, those that fail the RNFT upon arrival at the New Entry Training Establishment are simply discharged - prior to that if they fail the fitness assessments on PRNC they are removed from that entry and sent home without a job, prior to that if they fail the PJFT 3 times they don't even get as far as a job offer.

How many get discharged from Raleigh for lack of physical preparedness? Not many, maybe one or two per intake, tops.
Hello bud! Ive got my PRNC coming up on the 17th. I have been wondering the same as you since I applied nearly 2 years ago now.
I flew threw my PJFT with a 9.38 and that was about 8 months ago now. Ive been training superbly hard since the new year (Christmas binge). I personally think that I am very very fit and would like to think that ive done my very best to prepare myself physically for the challenges that lay ahead.
Like SRJM said you cant really measure fitness as everyone is different, but as long as you train and prepare yourself the best you can before hand. You cant fail. Remember.

Fail to prepare. Prepare to fail.


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Can you do 1.5 miles in the time you need? Will you be able to stand still for a few hours? Can you climb a rope to some extent? Can you float for ages? Can you swim in the allotted time? The rest is down to showing you are giving 110% . Yeah you need a certain amount of sit ups but apprently thats not hard . Same with push ups but youll get loads of practice doing those especially Pier Cellers where you get to do it in a muddy puddle . So my kid told me.

If you do a load of preperation itll be easier and youll be more confident. Also you will avoid injury if your resonably fit. When your there they build up your fitness anyway and with the running to each apointment youll quickly get up to speed. This is all based on my kids description of her time last year . She didnt go mad just did sit ups every night and pushups . Did a run once a week . I put a pull up bar up in her room and she would use that often. You get much fitter very quickly on base so dont worry too much, just make sure you can do that run .

As was mentioned earlier what is your definition of fittness ? My daughter is a natural runner but she lacked upper body strengh so thats what she mainly worked on and she was glad of it when doing the ropes and then doing the Dartmoor 18klm march with burgan. Whats your weakness?
Don't underestimate the fitness requirement. When you attend the gym at Raleigh with the PT staff the average session is at least 1 hour long. That means that for 1 hour you will be run ragged with little opportunity to do anything other than breath out of ever orifice. It is intense, so prepare sensibly.


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A good way to test how fit you are is to join an athletics/running/swimming/triathlon club. When you have overweight 50 year olds who can kick your arse it really does humble you. Also being around super fit elite athletes gives you a target to reach for that will far outreach the average fitness level of recruits at HMS Raleigh.

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