How far is this political correctness going to go?

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by creddly, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. First off, I didn't put this in current affairs because it's not an official news story, it's something that just happened to me on a popular game website on the PlayStation 3 discussion board.

    Basically, there was this topic about a game developer who was laying into the PlayStation 3, etc and all the babies were crying over their favourite console being torn apart, but I noticed the actual developer was very fat when you clicked the link to the story and saw is picture, so I thought I'd make a little comment.

    All I did was quote somebody saying "Newell hates anything but PC's anyway" and I replied, "you forgot chocolate filled donuts fried in grease" and the moderators found that highly offensive... so offensive in fact, that they decided to deduct 10 Karma from me instead of the usual 3.

    I appealed to a moderator asking how can it be offensive and how can it be in the same league as racism, sexism, etc when a fat person chooses to be fat?

    The appeal was upheld by the moderator with the simple response "stereotyping", with the option left to appeal to the head moderator, which I did.

    I asked, how can implying a fat person eats junk food be stereotyping? Is it wrong to assume this because for all we know he could be eating carrot sticks and celery?

    I also point out that stereotyping and actual offensive material would be saying all blacks commit crime, all whites are skinheads and all Muslims are terrorists.

    Now I'm asking, how far is this PC going to go? In the future, will we not be allowed to even speak? It's just getting out of hand I'm afraid.

    If you want the full conversation or if you're unsure what "karma" is on this website, just ask.

    Oh and this was the fat guy I implied eats a lot of junk food, but I was wrong, because his weight-class is ambiguous (sigh);
  2. You were in the wrong but deducting points, ach, feck that. You are sterotyping, it's like saying all skinny people eat boiled rice! When infact, my mate is as skinny as a rake and scoffs her face all day with cakes n biscuits and continues to be 5ft9 and a size 10.............she's 24 but you just know when she reaches the 50 yr mark, it's all gonna pile on!!

    Some 'larger' people, hardly eat at all, it's to do with inheriting from your parents, tyroid issues, cancer at times, manic depression etc

    However, the vast amount do stuff their faces, even finishing off with a diet coke!!!
  3. Well Jenny, I've often considered this... can certain fat people help it?

    But then I think, there were no fat people at Auschwitz.
  4. That's it - deduction of another 10 points !!

    What about the fat guards ?
  5. Young man, watch yourself or I will have to remove something more than points :dwarf:

    Auschwitz, poor fellas there, why do you think it took longer for the skinner people to go? They took all the fat people and ate them!

    Bad joke!

    I could be considered fat but I am 37 weeks preggers, wanna call me fat, do it from a distance, I coud kill at any moment :rambo:
  6. I don't consider pregnant women with nippers on the way "fat" lol

    Good luck with your child birth BTW!

  7. Most of us porkers are fat of our own volition. whether it be food, alcohol or other demon calorie inducing product.
    Some (only a small percentage) will be porkies through medical reasons. I of course belong to this category, for reasons unknown I am forced to enjoy steaks and other fine food and have to wash it down with fine wine and ales, or on non pay weeks burgers and scrumpy.
    So if anyone wants to take the piss, dig Out!
  8. Slim, I wish there were more people like you in this world.

    Worst part about it, I didn't say it with any malice, I just did it to calm the babies down crying over their game console.

    I used to be fat (as you all know thanks to 2twats", and I had to put up with the comments and the little digs now and again, but I always used to think, "well it's your own fault lad" and I did something about it.
  9. Unfortunately, there is and has been a major lack of humour online. Maybe the Fun police should venture over there way!
  10. Dear JennyDabber,

    Speaking (as a penguin) I find it v-e-r-y offensive to be
    described as a walker-with-a-waddle. This implies that
    I am either (a). Physically disabled or (b). Unable to perambulate
    in the manner as befitting a normal penguin.

    The penguins from both the North and South Poles are now
    constructing a Forum in which to discuss this slanderous comment
    on their normal gait.

    The Emperor Penguin (and current Moderator) is seeking legal
    guidance from his solicitor (a bloody great fat, butt-ugly Walrus),
    and you may be receiving correspondence from his office soon, with
    regards to further legal proceedings.

    Yours Sincerely,

    P-p-p-p-ercy Penguin XXXXXX
  11. So rather than focus on the argument you decided to get personal about the other poster? And Now you're upset because there was punitive action taken against you? I'd hardly call that Political Correctness.

    That said, I'd suggest that the Mod decision could have been justified in a more open and honest way. Saying that it was because of stereotyping strikes me as spineless weaseling.
  12. lol Karma, you obviously don't know this website.

    It is great when us sensible posters are having a discussion, but when the fanboys come in and start crying over their favourite thing being bashed, there is no hope for a decent chat as it turns into a topic devoid of any logic.

    I was just bored and decided to make a little quip against the developer.

    Oh and the moderators on that site are the worst ever. I really don't understand why they have a "contest moderation" feature because they've never once turned over a moderation for me or anyone I know on that site.

    The mods here are the best... :thumright:

    EDIT: Oh and Karma, the comment wasn't about another poster, it was about this guy who is a game's dev who was the main focus of the news article.
  13. Fair point matey, I don't do computer games...

    Except mind games ;)

  14. Stop brown nosing Credders :money:
  15. Damn! I was caught!

  16. Sorry Jack it wouldn't play on my computer. Perhaps some bastard has inserted a fat filter
  17. Just tell fatty your sorry and send him a few burgers, I am sure he'll quieten down.
  18. Ahh Creds.....Stereotyping eh? Like saying all PS3 forum mods are humourless little pubeless wankers crazed with power and dominion over their fellow grey-skinned tribe. Do you think that would be enough for -5000 karma??

    I know weight is a sore subject for fatties, and the cause of more suicide, depression and body dysmorphia than almost anything else. But a donut comment about someone not even in the thread, who is probably laughing all the way to the bank on the proceeds of his sedentary job? Really not feeling too much sympathy here. Imagine if RR mods had to jump on all the un-PC comments going on the average thread, we'd have the knitting forum and the cat pictures left. And then someone would use the p*ssy word......

    They should watch the DVD extras from Clerks 2, where Kevin Smith is reading forums about how shit his films are and posting replies. I think he used that as the basis for Randall's flame war at Moobys.
  19. It is a fact of life, and for many a sad fact of life, that the www attracts a wide range of characters some who use the apparent annonimity of the web to either try to disrupt sensible discussion, and I have seen some who make dear Norman appear to be a cuddly cat, or if they obtain some position of self importance like a moderator to get some what over carried away with their own self importance. Bearing this in mind one can either let it get to you and spoil your enjoyment or ignore it and get on with enjoying life. The choice is yours.

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