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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by seafruit, Feb 14, 2008.

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  1. hi there im going down to raleigh on 17th feb to start phase 1 before going to sultan for AET. was hoping you lovely ppl a RR could help me out with a few details im not too clear on.
    1. i know that going to sultan and eventually earning my ok to sign is supposed to give me a qualification. is this like a degree or hnc? can i as an eventual junior rate take it on as a degree? if i wanted to could i get a masters or something that'd look nice on the wall ;)?
    2. whats the fast track system for AET all about? i heard something about it eventually leading to being made an AEO which doesn't sound right.
    3. does anyone know what a civvy doing the same job makes?

    these are just a few questions im thinking about so that i have options for the future.
    thanks :thumright:
  2. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    you'll find out in 3 days time....
  3. yeah thanks for that. very much brimming with help.
  4. That attitude wll get you absolutely f*cking nowhere on this forum. Have you asked the AFCO or done any research yourself (RN website?) ? You might also like to improve your grasp of the english language if you wish to get on in life! :thumright:
  5. didnt mean to offend but i asked a question i got a smart assed answer back. i have looked into this and asked at my afco who said i wouldnt need to worry about that until later. im just trying to get my head sorted out about what my main goals in the future might be leaning towards so that i can have something to focus on. a stringed carrot on a stick if you will.
    p.s. english is one of the most varied languages in the world it doesnt have to be grammatically accurate to be correct. maybe im just crap at typing. my english is fine .kma!
  6. Noted. The AFCO are right - if I were you I would worry about completing Part I training before anything else (you might not get through that). When you start Part II training, amongst a broad spectrum of other WAFUs, then you can see what the future might hold for you - you can go a long way, if you're any good !

    P.S. I would suggest that english does have to be grammatically accurate to be correct. However poor grammar can still be understood :thumright:
  7. (hands are shaken and peace is declared) i guess you're right but im seriously determined im not a quitter. i will remember these questions and hopefully at some point they'll get answered. they'll test my metal and find it bendy but not breakable by tension.
  8. hope this will shed some light on your questions.

    On leaving sultan you haven't recieved the ok that will take another 23 weeks on job training on completion of that you will be awarded the prestigiousmerit of a NVQ level 2. The RN are all too keen to promote self learning throughout and during your second line time should have no problem in adding to this but jumping straight in for a degree is probably a bit ambitious.

    The fast track system is designed to highlight those ratings who have the potential (Leadership and knowledge) and place them on LRQC substantially ahead of their peers this will require you to maintain a 90% average in all you exams, demonstrate good leadership skills, provide a good knowledge of basic aircraft sytems and understanding of both mechanical and avionic engineering principles aswell as a knowledge of a typical squadron structure and aicraft safety issues. All of this is just in your first stage of training at Sultan. It is beneficial but many people can find it quite hard going. This is only the process from AB to LH and has to be repeated again for LH to PO.
    As for a masters degree not quite sure where you heard that but under the "et" system it is possible to gain a foundation degree (many years down the line) and if you wanted to further that again would have to be off your own back.
    If youre smart enough and show enough promise there is no reason why you can't make it to AEO but that another story and to be honest you're going to have enough on your plate in the next year without the aspirations of being an orifice looming over you.
    As for money civvies can make more money but generally thats in dodgy places or once they have gained their Licences and on top of that their job security is no-where near as certain as it is in the RN coupled with that we get a nice pension we don't have to plough a third of our wages into or line the pockets of your local dentist (if you can find one that is).

    Hope this helps

  9. Im going down on the 17th too as an AET. Im just going to get Raleigh out of the way and then get a bit more information at Sultan.

    PS. where are you getting the train from?
  10. My poor grammar can't ber understood, as she's dead!

    You've obviously never experienced the Izod test!
    Or did you mean mettle?
  11. im flying from glasgow, getting a train from bristol.
  12. just to say too that if all goes well i wont be thinking about attaining degrees straight away i'll have the next 20 or so years to do something. i was thinking more along the lines of if i had a family and decided id had enough of navy life what my options might be then. i dont exactly want to be a housewife because i hate pinny's(aprons) and people carriers. i just think it helps to be prepared for anything that might happen or not.
  13. If you make it onto Harriers I'm sure I'll spend my time trying to stop you attempting to end your life via either a lack of basic engineering knowledge, attitude, or both.

    Still, look forward to it, I'm sure you'll be a plastic PO in 4 years time.
  14. i was talking to this guy and he was in the navy as an aet and got as far as phase3 but left because he wasnt into a drinking culture and said that he felt that he was being ostrascised (<-not sure of spelling on that one) because he didnt really drink. im not sure if thats true but is it like that if you dont go out and socialise with your shipmates in the pubs and stuff nobody really talks to you?
  15. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Lets not start a pissing contest about how good the RAF are or not, believe me I am in a position to know different with particular relevance to the Harrier circuit, save that for "lils" :thumright:
  16. Most of my oppo's drank when I was in the navy, but that didn't stop me getting on with them. Oh just remembered I drank as much or more than they did.
    That said I knew a number of non drinkers and they certainly were not ostracised. They tended to do other things in the evening. Sports, education, join one or more of the many clubs they have a establishments.
    I was in the sub aqua club, my mate in the mountaineering club we were both in the folk club (that was a drinking club). There is plenty to do beside drinking.

    Have you got good GCSEs ? If not two evenings a week at an educational establishment wil soon sort that out.
    Do you play rugby or Football? Try for the ships team.
    Like acting? Most establishments used to have a theatre group.
    Read the notice boards you will soon find plenty to do besides drinking, now excuse me my beers getting warm.
  17. Follow Slims advice and you will obtain a Masters degree- from the university of fcuking life.

  18. I wish that I had followed my own advice earlier. I was a 33 year old PO when I did GCE O level English and Maths. By the time I had completed my ONC I was 36, too old to try for a commission if I had wanted too. Wonder if my life would have been different if I had started my education at 23?
  19. On the rugby bit that slim posted. How hard is it to get into ships rugby teams, like professional super league or is it like pub stuff?
  20. I'm no rugby player but I guess a lot of it depends on how many rugby players you have on a ship. A type 42 would have less to select from than an Air station. However large establishments have more then one team. And of course while in training you will play for your division against other divisions.
    There are plenty of opportunities to participate in sport in any of the services.

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