"How doth the Cable grow......?"

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BreathingOutOnTheWayUp, Dec 1, 2010.

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  1. I hope he didnt straddle the cable while drunk! And I hope he used a maul to slip the blake and not the toe of his steaming bat!
  2. Time to resurrect a dit about that.

    Focsul PO hates AB smith.
    The ships coming to a single anchor and its blowing a friggin hooligan up top.
    The comms between focsul and bridge go down so the PO has an idea.
    He opens a bridge window and tells the AB to hop atop the turret to relay orders.
    OOTD tells Smith "standby to let go port anchor"
    Po says "what they saying"
    Smudge thinks "I'll have the bastard and tells the PO "let go port anchor"
    PO runs up grabs the maul and slips.
    Bridge go ape-shit and shout to smudge "what the fucks happening?"
    Po wants to know what they are saying and Smudge tells him "let go starboard anchor"
    PO legs up and slips starboard anchor, and the bridge go overboard with rage.
    PO walks down to the bridge screen looks up salutes and says to Smudge
    "tell the bridge two hooks away"
    Smudge tells him "that's fuck all you've lost your badges too.
  3. As a baby sailor , coming to anchor and the buffer said
    " Spider nip down the focsle locker and get them all up here"

    Off I goes..."Buffer wants you all up the focsle"

    Confused mutterings and up they all trot..."Yes Buffs" they ask

    More confusion...Young Spider said you want to see us...

    Penny drops..."Kunt!!!! I said get the MAUL up here"

    Oopsie 8O
  4. Worthy of the two Ronnies, class! :lol:
  5. On a similar vein. We had a dabber on the Ocean who was told to fetch the (electric floor)buffer to the dining hall at 0500 for an early morning polishing session. She proceeded to the CBMs cabin to give him a terror shake.

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