How do you think Western wealth is distributed?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by guestm, Oct 21, 2013.

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  1. Interesting pair of videos doing the rounds. It's an eye opener, what US and UK wealth distribution looks like when put into simple terms:

    The US:

    And the UK:

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  2. Sadly nothing new there though Monty. People know but just blindly accept.
  3. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Should have worked harder at school then.
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  4. 'blindly accept...............'

    oh Guzzler, predictable as ever................................yawn!
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    What's your solution then Comrade?
  6. I don't know Guzzler's view but it's a bit presumptuous and narrow minded to call someone comrade just because the enormous disparity doesn't sit well with him. It doesn't sit well with me either but I'm no socialist.
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Its not just this comment that prompted that MLP, there have been a number over the years, My view, if it doesn't sit well with you that's your problem. Believe it or not others are allowed to have views.
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  8. Well, yes. Like Guzzler for instance. You yourself haven't posted a view.
  9. My view is a fatalistic one in that there will always be rich and poor in any society, not just the Western world. It's the nature of the beast and pretty much inviolate IMO. In any group of animals (including us), there'll be leaders, grafters, loafers and losers, it's just Nature. Utopia is a concept dreamed of since the ancient Greeks, but it's just that, an idealistic concept.
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  10. Interesting article's, It's more then probable that we will return to the Victorian type of wealth distribution & poverty within the next few years as automation & an out of control birthrate keeps unemployment & social needs increasing. It's said that "band aid" saved 1m from starvation they are now 5m, who & how will we feed them? It's said the realistic population for the UK should be 22m to allow a good quality of life for all, it's now about 67m. Unless the world has some great pandemic that greatly reduces the population to a level of people that outstrips the numbers required to carry out the tasks like happened in the 12th century the wages & conditions will continue to deteriorate, things are already starting to fray at the edges, here in Kent we are already seeing car wash wars amongst the immigrants.
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  11. True enough, however it's the level of disparity and the monumental upturn in that graph at the highest 1% that alarms.
  12. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    The usual politics of envy.
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  13. It would be very interesting to see if they have historical data. It's alright saying 'this is the situation right now and it's terrible' but I've got a funny feeling that if you looked at any point in time and strip out the calamities, stock market crashes and depressions the graph wouldn't look much different. It's always been like that it's just the characters you find at each percent group might change occasionally. Tycoons whether they be royal, inheritance based or self made have always tried to share as little of the profit with the little guys as they can possibly get away with. Not sure what can ever be done about it.

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  14. Materially, most people in this country are a lot better off today than they've ever been.
    Back in the day, on my first ship, I didn't have two ducets to rub together. I had to buy my own straw to make my hat, tar for my pigtail wasn't KUA in them days. The toffs, on the other hand, had it all....big houses....horses....fancy clothes....fancy women. They had French brandy and wine....we had grog, we walked around in bare feet, we had rags for clothes.....we stunk 'cos we had no dhoby dust....we were the fore runners of submariners, but without their lucre.
    There have always been 'us' and 'them' ....and always will be, and socialism is not the answer...unless you name is Kim Jong Un.
    There have been revolutions to create greater 'equallity' and 'wealth redistribution'.... I don't see any examples worth following.
  15. Is there a developed country anywhere in the world where a five minute video the same as linked would not end up giving a similar set of figures. I rather suspect that in some countries the disparity between poor and rich is even greater. Even in a socialist paradise such as North Korea the poor are ground down while their leaders want for nothing. The last time robbing the rich to help the poor only worked and was popular it was that man of the people Robin Hood at work. We (the whole world) are all governed by the same rules of economics and as Wrecker pointed out you'll always end up with rich and poor what ever way you try and slice the cake. In essence I agree with Guzzler, we all know what the reality is really and just accept it as there is nothing that can be done to change it.
  16. You do realise one of the biggest issues this country faces is a birth rate slower than what is needed? Who is going to pay for all these oldies.
  17. The issue is surely not the fact that we will always have rich and poor, which is a given and IMO rightly so. In most circumstances you reap what you see. However, as I mentioned earlier, it's the size of that disparity which is galling.

    Nothing that can be done about it? I wouldn't say that's true. Switzerland are already taking measures to cap bonuses and salaries whilst also outlawing outrageous compensation and severance packages.

    When Switzerland are making moves to curb the rich feeding each other, you know shit's got out of hand.
  18. I take your point Monty but when politicians start trying to out manoeuvre big business they usually end up with egg on their face due to unforeseen consequences. if there were simple solutions such as those you've suggested all governments would be giving them a try but in this world we find ourselves in today of high technology and financial jiggery pokery that move a great deal quicker than a politicians brain.
  19. It was led by referendum and vote, with a large degree of input from shareholders, stakeholders, bankers and businessmen alike, massive (possibly the biggest?) GDP be damned, even they think it has to end.

    Sad that people accept this gobbling up of wealth by the 1% really, I find it funny that in many threads people shit their pants at Politicians expenses, bankers bonuses etc but when the scale of the problem is put before them it's met with apathy and acceptance. Relevant to this is the increases in energy costs with winter around the corner, justify that when people can't heat their houses as it is. Those energy price increases aren't improving a service, they're lining pockets. Pockets of the 1%.

    Anyway, **** it. I'm a capitalist pig anyway. I'm off to service and put my bicycle back together that costs more than most people's cars.
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  20. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    I refer Baby Grumpling to this:

    BBC iPlayer - Iceland Foods: Life in The Freezer Cabinet: Episode 1

    4 O levels, started behind a counter at Woolies, now employs umpty thousand people and has big house, car etc etc.

    Or try Richard Branson for size. Or ex-stoker Duncan Bannatyne. Society needs the lure of great wealth to get a minority to produce jobs for the proles.

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