How do you spot a Japanese prostitute....

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by EarlyChop, Mar 12, 2011.

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  1. She'll be the one in the fishnets..

    That is all.
  2. I don't think that is in the slightest bit funny. In fact I find it totally sickening.
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  3. It's in Lils mate, your comment is invalid, you should immediately unread the joke.
  4. Being in lils is no excuse whatsoever. There are limits to everything.

  5. I agree. It can be a bit shaky when jokes like that drift in. There'll always be a tidal wave of bad humour pouring out. :-D
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  6. Chill out this is Lills
    I remember when JFK got shot, within hours the joke was "and apart from that Mrs Kennedy how was the drive"

    Life goes on
  7. You think your so fucking clever.

    If you had as many relatives and friends out there caught up in this as I do, you wouldn't be so fucking smug.

    I have reported this thread and if it isn't gone within 24 hours, I will be reporting it further.
  8. I don't think the Red Cross will give a fuck to be honest.
  9. Pick yer fucking toys up off the floor and get back to playing Farmville.

    Meanwhile I'm off to welcome the Japanese 2012 Olympic surfing squad...they just been spotted off Dover....:pottytrain2:
  10. On a separate note, you enormous crying minge, I should refer you to a thread you started about the Peru mudslides:
    It didn't really catch-on, unlike this thread. That's probably because it's funnier to watch little oriental people floating to Australia on a wardrobe.
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  11. LOL Cunt you are awsome!!

    On another note I lost two uncles and a grandfather in the second world war and I have family in NZ...So please no earthquake or war jokes... they would offend my delicate sensibilities.

    Wink fu00king wink.
  12. A bit too precious.
  13. Not Me Chief, you hypofuckingcritical two bastard faced cunt. I believe the correct term is "hoist by your own petard".

    Kindly pick your dummy up on the way out, and don't let the door hit you on the nappy.
  14. Actually a mate of mine now has cancer and ever since he found out and his wife left him he has been telling all sorts of close to the cuff jokes because he just does not give a pony anymore. I have more from him.


    What have Gary Glitter and Napalm got in common?
    They can both strip the clothes off a Vietnamese child in four seconds.

    BBC News: Tributes to snowplough death boy

    Have all the decent superhero names already been taken or something?


    He says this kinda shit in front of management and we all cringe.
  15. This is a forum full of snotty little bastards who can do nothing but play 'one upmanship' because they haven't the intelligence to do anything else and are crap even at that.

    I have 7 very close relatives in the area affected, 4 of which have not been accounted for so this is personal you shitheads and I won't be leaving it.
  16. The Tsunami has affected Marlins in Maryland

  17. Looks like Notmechief can dish it out but can't take it.
    Best he foxtrot oscars to a more PC site.
    Wonder who he is going to report it to?
    Please sir some big boys are taking the piss

  18. Check your computer for an ON / OFF switch...then go and bang yer drum and wave you "Oh woe is me banner" in some other fuckers face...
  19. Chief, please allow me to offer my condolences. I do genuinely feel sorry for you and your missing loved ones.

    However Lill's is Lill's and if history has taught us anything its that humour can be found anywhere.
  20. ror

    (ten retters)

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