how do you keep a wafu in fishhead land busy

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by shag_shacker, Apr 28, 2008.

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  1. right that is it i am sticking in for a Cott/Witt draft!!!

    i havent done a thing all day - i am so bored i could cry.

    its not like i could be doing something, ive got full internet access - no net nanny whatsoever - so i could be stabbing the cat all day long but even that gets a bit repetitive after a while,

    the rest of the week is going to be the same.

    so i need some advice as to how i may fill up my time.

    i can close and lock my door so anything goes really.
  2. [​IMG]

  3. you could go ashore with the fishheads out drink them and out Zulu Warrior them/ but then again you would need to be a wafu/ field gunner :angel4: :thumright:
  4. why would i want to strut around the bar telling sh*t dits - i could be a harrier pilot and do that
  5. they might let you do a turn in the wheel house ? wafu permission to take the wheel/ aye / midships/wheels amidship sir :thumright:
  6. roger scouse, roger
  7. No you cant play hanger pilots on the intercom :thumright:
  8. no

    i need a job that will occupy my fertive mind from 0800-1215 (1600 if the boss is reading)

    i just cant face another day of 1.ebay 2.redtube 3.RR 4.betfair


    1. nothing worth buying
    2. six wanks is enuff
    3. nobody exciting online at 0800
    4. my nag always loses

    i have no fisheheads in my immeidiate vicinity to p*ss off but i do have some female civvies

  9. Try buccaneer society home/ and sea vixen carrier home/ loads of good i witness acounts their/ keep you busy :thumright: failing that Uttoxeter Saturday my round
  10. Send him to look for the ship's biliard room. "H" fell for it in '82.
  11. Is your fertive mind also fertile?

    You can get eBay on one of Aunty Betty's computers? How?

    It sounds like you are a prime candidate for:
  12. Shag get yourself a treder and cycle off to Lee, look around Daedalus,(to remember the good old days). Cycle back to Sultan log onto JPA and submit your notice.

    I thought you were off to MASU soon, they are moving over the water to real fishead land of Pompey Dockyard.
  13. oh yes shippers.

    i have a stand alone computer so i can shut the door and stab the cat all day long waiting for the 1250 at lingfield or uttoxeter to begin or the ebay auction of a sea harrier in 801 insignia to finish.
  14. i anm due to get a front line draft now but my job was offered to 4 other chiefys - they all decided to extend on rotary NAS.

    therefore trudi gave me a an 18 month extension. therefore now joining masu late 2009 early 2010.

    even banged out of my ACC just to guarentee my next draft, if i took it then merlin - yippee here i come..
  15. Carlton beer have launched an advert just for "time rich" people like yourself shag-shacker.

    Carlton is one of the two most famous beers in OZ, along with VB, and famous for their huge ads. Go here view the show and have a laugh.
  16. very good - now can we do it with "speckled hen"

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