How do you feel when you look in the mirror

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, Jul 24, 2010.

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  1. I still see youngish Stan and don't feel particularly old although I probably am at near 53. I still eye up the talent try to dress cool in a mature way and avoid trying to smell of piss and talcum powder, but can't drink more than 3 pints without being up all night pissing (don't swamp - yet) I see some of my mates who dress like 60 year olds and look ready for the grave, should I buy a smoking jacket and book a burial plot in the local cemy?? Only nice replies please or I wiil come back and haunt the fcuking lot of you.
    I even voted LibDem this year to try and prove my young at heart credentials. :(
  2. Stan your just young yet .
    I did as much shagging at 53 on as I was doing when I was 30 .

    Dress clean and comfortable --if you can't handle the pints drink shorts !!

    Keep smiling

  3. I feel great except I don't fit in the mirror as well as I used to.
    Must get a bigger mirror. :)
  4. 66 and still looking like a whippersnapper. Think it must be a navy thing. We ex-matelots always look young...or our mirrors are fcuking wrong! Same on the three pints, though sometimes risk a fourth and a couple of rums. I reckon this retirement lark's a doddle. 8)
  5. I still feel like a 19 yr old, just can't catch them like I used to.
  6. I try not to look any more. :cry: As for the 3 pints - defo a thing of the past. :oops: On the bright side though, I did manage to scupper a litre bottle of rum (varying the strength with water/coke) during an afternoon/evening barbecue last month. :lol: Was helping others into bed at 0400, and was last to turn in, with no sign of a hangover in the morning.
    Am now practicing hard for my "surprise" 75th birthday bash in September. :wink:

  7. Jesus 2BM you just made me feel great again, I was thinking it's been 45 years since I enlisted, then I just realise you was 30 when I joined. :D :D :D :D :D
    I'm a friggin sprog again. 8O :wink: :roll:
  8. Yes Rummy. Coming up 35 years since I finished my 22. :oops: Seems like a lifetime. :lol:

  9. Oh Mirror mirror on the wall
    Who is the fairest of them all?
    You are xxxxxx, without a doubt
    Roger mirror, Over and Out

    Still works for me and always makes me laugh
  10. I had all the mirrors removed last year no point in having em. I just don't recognise the stupid old git staring back at me.With it's wig hanging over it's right eye and the false teeth in a jam jar of bleach and Vim by the sink :oops:
  11. In the mirror, I see a suave, debonair, steel eyed dealer of death with a twinkle in his eye. Strange then in photo's I look like a shambolic overweight tired wreck...
  12. I look at the reflection and think that if I were a bird I'd fcuk his brains out.

    At 46 and 11 months I too am getting the same amount of sex now as I was when I were 20....bu44er all.
  13. Couldn't see myself in the mirror this morning because I fell asleep with my contact lenses still in and - as anyone who has experienced this knows - it makes you half blind for a while once you've removed them.

    I don't care though because my local re-opened yesterday, (after being closed for 9 months due to the previous management's greed and incompetence), hence my state this morning after being on it all day yesterday.

    Eyesight returning to normal now so I'm going to have a another look in the mirror to fool myself into thinking I still look essence prior to stumbling down to the pub and resuming my burbling conversation with the fantasy barmaid who's at least 30 years my junior. ( No chance but I can dream can't I?)

    Happy times :eek:ccasion5:
  14. "OFF THREAD"

    ooh, fantasy barmaid.. where's that?

  15. Not telling you :D
  16. On the wall must be a shoreside thing. As I remember it at sea...

    Mirror mirror on my locker
    who's the fairest me or Knocker
    You are Pug without a doubt
    Roger mirror, Over, Out. :wink:
  17. I look and see in my minds eye the spitting image of a young Patrick Swazee,the wife says it's more like Patrick Moore from the Sky at night! I console myself knowing she has poor eyesight!
  18. Rotter. I hope your kids turn out ginger...
  19. I feel like a sex god every time i look it is a shame that the ladys do not see me in the same light.
  20. I feel like a sex goddess every night too ....

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