How do you deal with tele-sales

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by drunken_engineer, Mar 18, 2007.

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  1. Hilarious .. have passed it on.
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    last telesales person that phoned me was some indian bloke...I tried to sell him a battleship...funny as feck, he was trying his hardest to be polite...I lost it in the end and collapsed into a fit of giggles :oops:
  3. HOOFING :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. I just tell them to feck off, in those words. :razz:
  5. its much easier to register here:- TPS RegistrationProvides free service allowing consumers to opt out of receiving telemarketing calls.
    or mps for junk mail
  6. Unfortunately this only stops calls originating in the UK. You still get junk mail wddressed to The Occupier.
    But these services do help :smile:

    However when all else fails Foxtrot Oscar normally works. :smile:
  7. Masterchief: thanks for that link and the info - very helpful. Cheers.

    Bottom Gun
  8. I registered with both the telesales & mail preferance bodies & it stopped 99% of it apart from the stuff addressed to the occupier wich goes straight into the post box down the square ,
  9. Doesn't stop bloody polititians phoning up and asking you to vote for them and then trying to argue when you say no.
  10. Same here, that TPS really worked for us :)
  11. Cheers shipmate, just registered, no more annoying phone calls.
  12. I've been dodging unwanted mail/calls for a while now. Here's a top tip, every time you put your address down, or give it over the phone you have to insist that your details are not used for promotional contact. If you don't, your details will be entered into a database and sold to 'trusted partner companies' and you have to start again.
    The worst one is if you take something back to a shop for a refund, and you put your address down. I had a call form Mothercare recently asking if I was happy with their products, which I had returned because it was crap! That guy got as fea in his ear!!
  13. Its easy,just give a Mobile Number!
  14. having worked in telesales (I sold house insurance and accident/sickness/unemployment cover) I can assure you that hanging up does no good, it's the timewasters that they hate. I used to enjoy putting particularly rude or annoying customers files back into the automated dialler... scheduled for saturday morning

    I like the odd telesales call these days, I took 10 mins of sales patter from a bint trying to flog me a new phone contract a while back, she was buzzing thinking she had got another "sale" right up untill the point where she asked for my card number and I responded with laughter and hung up. I really hope she didn't hit target that month.
  15. Once got pestered on numerous occasions by the double glazing company that offers "You Buy One, You Get One Free". After the umpteenth time of saying no I said yes I love a quote. They then arranged for someone to come around.
    When the salesman arrived he was greeted by my recently fully double glazed house, to which he them launnched into "You've wasted my time and my petrol".
    Well take the hint "D**KHead" was the reply, his answer was "Do you fancy a conservatory?"
  16. Had a couple about three years ago.

    First one was a well known window company, wouldnt take no for an answer so I booked a rep to come and see me. He turned up and looked at my property and then at me and asked if he was at the correct house as I had new windows throughout. I told him he was and could he please pass it on to the staff on the telephones as they wouldnt believe me. As I say, its been about three years since they last called so it may have worked.

    Second, I live on the back of beyond. Gas pipe stops in the middle of beyond. British Gas kept calling asking to supply my gas. On about the fifth phone call I played their game and said "sure, please do". Engineer turned up and asked where the gas pipe was in the village. I laughed and told him it stopped in the village 3 miles up the road but his company said they could supply it so when is he going to extend the pipe. Again, I havent heard anything for a while.
  17. Joint_Force_Harrier,

    You and me think alike!!
  18. I just keep saying' Hello, hello' down the phone several times followed by'No one there' and hang up.Seems to work ok as they never call back.
  19. Its easy just get a telephone answering machine

    they still keep ringing but usually call off when the recorded voice starts.

    The circulars via the mail --return to sender -----it costs them a few pennies for the RM to send it back!!

    Only thing now is the leaflets unaddressed that come with the postie .More scrap paper.

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