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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Ja5on, Jun 19, 2009.

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  1. I have looked on the Navy website and searched this although I might be blind.

    I know what the different ranks are but what I don't know is how to address them.

    For instance in the army a sergent is addressed as yes sergent etc but how do you address a leading hand, petty officer etc?
  2. RUMRAT is the authority on correct salutations etc.
    I always used to "Hooky" for leading hands. PO for PO
    And "********* for anyone I didn't like!
    I'll bet Wrecker knows a few though
  3. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    How about as "leading hand" or "petty officer" as appropriate? However, in most cases leader will suffice for leading hands, PO for petty officer and chief for CPO's (particularly regulating CPO's), anything above that would be Sir or Ma'am.
  4. LMAO :thumbright:

    Need a newer cleaner keyboard now !!

  5. I generally find 'mate' works in most circumstances except when addressing the skipper who I refer to as 'darling' or 'babes'.
  6. 'Dude' has a nice egalatarian feel to it and always worked for me.
  7. If it's the Master-at Arms, call him Cox'n. It always gets their attention.

    Failing that, whatever the rank/rate.."skin" always works
  8. 'Shippers' or 'me hearty' always worked for me.
  9. Leading Hand onboard, Hooky ashore. Don't want to be too anchor faced..
  10. Used to be first names in my service (lantern swinging here :wink: ) unless you had some anchor faced twat who was above himself (sometimes used to be 1 hook or two hook Tiffs with no badges)

  11. Had a Sgt on 20 Squadron who was guard commander one day. Into the Guardroom came a young crabfat and said morning Sarg, his replay was Sarg, f**kin Sarg!!! Saus(arge) or mass(arge). You telling me to massage my sausage? you calling me a w**Ker?

    Said crabfat went beetroot red and said sorry Sarg, I mean Sgt!

    Pissed myself, only crab I have met with a sense of humour!!!
  12. Unless you're an officer, in which case Warrant Officers would be Mr Bloggs (or whatever his surname may be!).
  13. In my first ship called the L/Hand of the mess a twat, immediately he corrected me with a smack in the gob and............That's Leading twat to you son. 8O :D :cry:
  14. Whilst on a Chief Stokers course at Sultan, the course officer was a Warrant Officer (Fleet Chief) Harry ******man.

    He introduced himself and said you can all call me "Harry in the mess".

    At the end of his introductory brief, he asked if anyone one had any questions, Brian Fr88er said yes.

    Harry said "What's your question Brian?"

    "Well Harry in the mess, when does the Tea van arrive"

    I think you had to be there.....TAXI
  15. For me it was first name (or nickname terms )except under training or officers oh and of course master and swain !!!
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    True story: MAA ****** was doing his "meet and greet" speech to all New Joiners in the JRDH. With a voice like thunder, he boomed: "Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Whilst on board this Ship, you will all address me as 'Master'..."

    Sixty JRs sit there looking at him in silence and reverence. Suddenly, a voice pipes up from the back of the Dining Hall: "I ain't never calling no white man 'Master'!"

    MAA, incandescent with rage: "Who was that? Come on, who was it? Stand up now, whoever it was..!"

    A young AB, of Afro-Caribbean origin, boldly stands up and looks at the MAA. The rest of the audience sit open-mouthed, waiting to see his reaction.

    MAA: "Right, young man. What's your name?"

    AB: "Johnson. AB Johnson."

    MAA: "Right, AB Johnson. You - and ONLY you - can call me "Dave". Carry on..."

  17. It was sooooo eaaaasy for JRs in the old days. If it moved it was saluted, if it did't it was painted. In the case of wheeled vehicles like bicycles, cars er........

    When I rescued Wrecky from a fate worse than marrying Ayatollah Khameni, for purloining the communion wine and the Padre's porn collection, and added him to my collection of sailors hats ;) everyone rated above Junior was a (Jedi?) Knight and called SIR..... even the Wrens in the Sick Bay! :rofl:

    Nuuuuurse. Can I have my medication now?
  18. When I was on Mech's course that dit was told to all of us as a warning 'cos he was still there and everyone knew him as "Harry in the mess" (but behind his back)
  19. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Very similar story. At Sultan when the Deal bombing happened and the alert state went through the roof. The booty sergeant (or maybe colours) from the armoury came to brief us at the duty watch muster as to how the threat was now real etc. He introduced himself, "Good morning, I am Sergeant ........, but they call me Dave in the field." Cue lots of baby tiffs pi**ing themselves. :lol: :lol:
  20. I was at Sultan for the big riot around the time just after the Deal bombings,a civvy or might have been a matelot ended up being put thro the window above entrance to JRAC, off the stairwell on the way down,what a long duty that was! I was on LRQC Sept 89 to March 90.

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