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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Brummielad, Feb 27, 2008.

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  1. Learn to climb them ropes the way they do? do they have alot of practise at it or is it must pick it up straight away thing.

    Also do you have a couple of test tried on the tarzan or is it just done one on the day an see what you get?
  2. What like in the gym?
  3. Yeah in there training an that and on the tarzan when they swing on it and go backwards and crawl across.

    Just seems like something i wouldnt pick up on straight away so just woundering do they teach you thouroughly or just a sort off got to pick it up straight away.
  4. Don't they do that in all the services? (even RAF!) I thought it was a basic part of PT. Can one of the old, bold and actualy clued up people tell me?
  5. That sounds like a regain you are talking about. No, you don't need to be able to do it first off, you will be taught, and taught again, and you will practice, again and again and again over your Phase 1 training, and beyond.

    They will look however for some upper body strength, and more importantly 'guts and determination' on your PRMC.
  6. You will be shown how to do everything at CTC, the PTI's will take great delight in showing you the full extent of RM training. Tarzan Assault is demo'd to you in slow time and then you can have your own shot at it....they even let you do it with no webbing or weapon ONCE!

  7. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    You'll get lots of practice dont worry.

    The nice PTI's will even let you test the water in the regain tank before you try one if your lucky.
  8. reet deet deet

  9. If anybody shouts "You Jodrell Banker" they mean the other JB not you!!
  10. The special velcro gloves (Rope climbing, for the use of MK1) are also a good bit of kit, might have to buy your PTI a wet or two to get hold of a pair whilst still in training though.
  11. Has Chico moved to the Black Country?
  12. Don't they do PT in school anymore? I learned to shin up a rope when I was in grammar school. It was always part of our twice weekly PT routine.
  13. now its once weekly and against elth n safety...
  14. The RAF PTIs will point at an assult course, and explain that its not the done thing in the RAF, unless you join the RAF Regt where you have to be SAS trained before they will look at Rock Apes used to tell me :pukel:
  15. ...Speaking of upper body don't get any better.Any tips for making it from on my knees to full body sorts please ?
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    If you don't know now, you'll never find out... but I know someone who can help! :oops: :wink:
  17. We're talking working on arms, not jaw you nugget. No problems there, being able to suck- start a leafbar.

    ....At least you had the decency to blush.
    I'm not.
    Go to PM.
  18. keep practising. pressups are about core strength (see what i did there, aren't i clever?) as well as arms sholders and chest strength. do quality reps before qauntity, and slowly build up. i weighed about 8 stone piss wet through when i started training and put on about 2 stone in training (NONE of it fat btw)

  19. The rope climbing is all technique. The army use the stirrup method, but bootnecks grip the rope with their feet and their knees. Then you put one hand on top of the other and pull your self up.

    I remember the first time I climbed the 30 foot ropes on the bottom field with fighting order and weapon. It was a culture shock, however, once you apply the correct technique it gets easier.


  20. That's it, all in the technique. Reckon I could still do it now too. And a 30 miler. In a taxi. ^_^;

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