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How do I write to a soldier?


Hi all.

I don't really know where I should be posting this, so forgive me if it's the completely wrong place. :)

I've always wanted to write to a soldier; in particular, a serving soldier. I've spent ages searching the internet to try to find some information on how to write to a British soldier, but can't find anything which actually tells you how to. I know you need details - their name, address, where they're serving etc., but I just want to know whether it's possible to write to a soldier without actually personally knowing one.

Another thing - I'm under 18. Would this be a problem? It's just something I've always wanted to do and as I'm soon to begin my forces career I thought it would be an ideal time to actually do something about it and try to make it happen. I'd also love to be able to send care packages, but can't find any useful UK websites that allow you to do this; they all seem to be American.

Any info anyone could offer would really be appreciated.

Thanks!! :)
Address it as follows:

A Gwar Marine in afganistan
42 Commando RM
Bickliegh Barracks

That way it will go to a lonely bootneck who doesn't get much mail. Enclose a photo so he knows who he's writing too.

Do NOT try Arrse, go on rear party (families link) they'll be kinder and more helpful
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Thanks Topstop :L Just searched on there, nothing's come up. Is there a particular section of the forum dedicated to this kinda stuff??

Blobby, will it actually get delivered if I address it like that?


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'How do I write to a soldier'?

And you post on a Naval site?

I know I'm aging but what have I missed?



I sent you a message. I'm just writing on here so you know I'm not trying to bum you in private :)


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There is a bit of a problem with people sending packages out which aren't addressed to specific personnel. Because people are so very generous, the postal system at one point was overburdened as the care parcels were competing for space with parcels sent from families to their serving relatives and something had to give, which is why the MoD asks people to find other ways of showing that they care. Even organisations like Support our Soldiers can't send out unaddressed parcels:

Support Our Soldiers

With regard to writing to a soldier, there is a website called Forces Penpals, but I suspect that it leans more towards dating rather than penpals, although I may be wrong.

I can't help but wonder whether it might be best to put this idea on ice for a few months and then revisit it once you have settled in at your new place. You will need to focus on what you are doing and not be distracted and I'm not sure that you will have much time for writing letters or e-mails to soldiers, you know.

You may find that there is something at your new place to which you can contribute as part of a group, which might make more sense. Where you are going to probably has links to serving personnel when you think about it and that might be a suitable opening for you and the others in your group. You might be able to get together and send a parcel to a student who has left and is now serving; he/she could then split up what is in the parcel among colleagues.


Apologies :) I suppose I meant any serviceman/woman, not just soldiers.. so that could include Navy. My bad. :slow:

& Blobby: umm probably not. But you never know round here :laughing2:


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Oh God. Please no. I refer to post #6.

By the way, you see how she wants to write to soldiers? She knows class this one.


Oh God. Please no. I refer to post #6.

By the way, you see how she wants to write to soldiers? She knows class this one.

You appear to be mixed-up with your numbers again mate. Post 6 is mine.


AIB Star Chamber - "And what examples can you give of leading others?"

AlisonB - "Mmmm, now lets see :scratch:. . . . :idea: I wrote those letters to the soldier boys :evil3:

... and led them all down the garden path; does that count :confused:?"

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