How do I post an item to my son at HMS Raleigh.

I need help re posting a parcel to HMS Raleigh

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My son started last Sunday 10wks training. But he forgot his charger & lead for his phone.
How do I post this to him.
I have tried the AFCO where he started his induction. But alas I cannot get through to anyone. Phone line goes dead. I have phoned Royal Navy joining number given on the AFCO website. But they cannot help.
So alas I have been advised to join this site & ask you.
Can you help.
I have no idea of Navy matters so do not have any means of what group he is placed etc. Help please. Thankyou.


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Have a read through the posts in the Parents thread there are all sorts of useful tips on there, some of the Mums and Dads pop up from time to time and will help if they can. @Kniigus


My son is just going into week 4 and in the second week you will receive a parent pack which will have his information on like his I'd number and division number and the address to send anything to

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