How do i get a tour in Afghanistan?

Was wondering who i need to speak to about doing a tour in Afghanistan? I'm an ME and been in the mob for 2 years. Currently based at HMS Nelson but no one here is overly helpful. Any ideas?
Unfortunately the only way you will be going to Afghanistan is by paying for it. You have only been in two years, so I am
guessing your not OPS. Therefore why would Pusser send you out on an OP tour when there are more qualified people out there?

But if you really want to find out, pop along to the friendly Augmentation CPO down at Lancelot Building opposite two basin. Where he can discuss your aspirations to do an OP Tour.
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You could be sent as an individual augmentee to a number of Tri-service units and Task Forces. Your Branch would be irrelevant in some cases, and you could find yourself doing quite interesting work. I met a number of very junior Matelots who were working out of the confines of their job descriptions.
Is the GSM still being awarded for NI?

After 2 and a bit years on a carrier I got pi55ed off with the number of Startexs, blowing whistles and with not enough Endexs and then wanted to play for 'real'. Hence why I volunteered for NI - oh and to get a gong too ... However, there was no chance of blowing a whistle though.

I can understand the OP's enthusiasm.
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Lantern Swinger
I did an emergency tour of NI in 77. No gong.

If it is anything like Djuboti It will be good O. though I doubt that it can be worse than Bander Abbas.
I think they still want detainee handlers to work in the prison. Not as gucci as it sounds you basically just give them food and water. If anything serious needs doing the MPS do it. But its tri service and not dependant on trade. The vehicle mechanic jobs that used to be open to MEs are now gone and not coming back.
The chances to deploy are probably reducing now as 3 cdo bde steps away from Herrick and the numbers start to reduce the army should be able to cope on there own.
But if you can get a trip out there I would recommend it been twice and found it a very rewarding experience both in terms of experience and financially.

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