How do i find out my running style?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by TheAaronP, Sep 29, 2008.

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  1. In order to buy myself a good pair of running shoes, i dont have access to any specialist shops etc to test my running style, so is there a reasonably neutral type of trainer i should be looking for, or one i should avoid?
  2. Look at the way your current pairs of trainers wear down. If they wear predominately on the outside of your foot you under-pronate. If your trainers wear down on the inside of your foot you over-pronate. Over-pronating feet require good arch support, so look for trainers that offer good arch support or invest in a decent set of orthotic insoles.

    Another simple test to check what kind of foot you have is to follow this guide (Admittedly it's very ball-park but its a step in the right direction) No bloody pun intended :D :
  3. Went down to my gym and had a word with the PT's down there, they took a look at my trainers and gave me an idea of what i needed.

    I bought some New Balance 1024's today, at JJB. Got chatting to the guy and mentioned im going through the process for the RN and he gave me 10%.

    Apparently all MOD get the discount -didnt know you still get it if you're not actually in yet though!
  4. Hhahah quality Aaron nice haggling !!!

    i didn't know that either, im taking a trip to that UpandRunning in Manchester soon thanks to Stirling :)!!!

    But nice Aaron ill try get 10% off too ha

    btw whens your interview mate?

  5. Next week... the 7th! Creeping up fast mate!

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