How did your family react when you joined/decided to?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by _Tim_, Feb 17, 2009.

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  1. I'm just curious as I still haven't told my dad for fear he'd flip a lid and/or do whatever he could to make my application as difficult as he possibly could.

    The rest of my family are actively encouraging me, though.

    So, how did your's take it?
  2. Mine thought finally he's doing something
  3. I'm 4th generation jack so they were naturally delighted.
  4. Father was over the moon, his father had been in the Navy, and his Mother would not allow him to join, he became a Crab.

    Mother was very supportive....But extremely upset...I didn't know until I left Ganges just who upset she had been.
  5. my dad was happy so was my mum.. alot of my family were navy.. plus all the bills in the house will be right down :) haha.
  6. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I haven't told mine yet.

    I went out for a pint of milk 22 years ago... :oops:
  7. I didn't tell my dad until a week before I was due to start, not because I thought he would flip or go mad, just that he didn't bother asking what I was up to, and I didn't bother letting him know!

    It turned out that he was quite proud of me for making my own decisons.

    He wasn't so proud when I came home on leave, I joined up as a fresh faced young man...and I returned home as some sort of beer monster!
  8. Went home on my first leave........................they had moved..............still trying to find them.
  9. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Still on replay -
  10. Quite proud when I went away;- horrified when I came home for my first leave. They could not understand a word I said. I blurted out that a popular singer of the day was as beef as a three badge cockroach. Scared them to death by saying that I'd strangled a baron in the train bar and been lashed up all the way down the line. That I no longer went big bundles on yaffling nutty and had met some essence parties. Add my capacity for beer and it was pretty scaring stuff for them. The rest of my service followed in the same mould I'm pleased to sate.
  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    My bold,, hands up anyone thats suprised at the families encouragement :roll:
  12. I took the biggest Royal Marine recruiter home with me.

    He had asked if my dad ever served in the forces. He had. OK says Royal off we go.

    The guy had to duck to get through our door.

    No problems from my dad.

    On a different note, when my son came home and told my wife and I we fully supported him. It's his life, we would support him whatever career he selected to be honest. It's what parents do.
  13. Dad, Uncles, Great Uncles, Grandad were all in the forces, so no problems when I said I was joining, although I was the first one in the family to join RN.
  14. Grandfather was REME, Dad was a submariner and his 4 brothers all served in one of the Armed Forces so no problem telling them at all. In fact my Dad was still in when I joined and I've shipped out with several people who he served with.

    Mum wasn't too happy (thought I'd turn out like my Dad) but claims my passing out parade was the proudest day of her life.

    Gen dit, I knew a guy whose Mum had exchanged council houses while he was on patrol. She sent him a letter telling him the new address and he didn't get it. Of course his keys still fitted the door. Imagine the new residents surprise when some strange matelot walks through the door demanding his tea.
  15. You don't like me, don't let that turn another thread to shit.

    And just because they're encouraging me doesn't mean they want me to do it.
  16. I think it all depends upon your parents' attitude... er... and if your dad did National Service and hated it!

    When I joined the ROC at the very mature age of 16 I had spent the previous 6 months doing:

    Please... nag... nag... it isn't like it was in your day dad... there won't be any bullying... I'll love it... nag... nag... nag...

    Oh OK then, JUST DON'T GO ON!

    If my parents hadn't been so resistant I'd have joined at 15 (you could join the ROC at 15 until 1980).

    The moral is: NAG, NAG, NAG! :lol:
  17. My dad did his national service with the Yugoslav army and loved it. 8)
  18. you are being paranoid Tim, janner was having a laff at your expense, it happens on this forum or had you not noticed. :roll:
  19. I had noticed. And it turns most threads to shit :wink:
  20. Most parents/relatives are supportive and proud ..........................until you get sent somewhere where you might get killed or injured - then whether they tell you or not, they hate every moment until you return safely.

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