How did this happen?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by P-38, Jun 29, 2009.

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  1. I completed my recruitment process back last February. I'm signed up as a warfare speclalist. I was told that I was due for HMS Raleigh in September but now their telling me January. This would mean that I'v been waiting for 11 months! Can someone tell me how the hell this happend?
  2. That's the navy for you. Better get used to it 'cos it won't be the last time you get fcuked about.
  3. Same here, I changed to my application submarine engineer last week, in the interview he said September, got a call an hour later saying January.
  4. Wasn't like that in my day, 5th Jan they said and 5th Jan it was.
  5. P-38 why don't you ask your recruiter then tell us.

    Only 2 peeps on here work at AFCOs so how the hell can the rest of us answer your question. (Although the answer is really quite obvious) :roll:
  6. P-38

    A revised list of waiting times was issued to AFCOs very recently; it showed an increase in waiting times for many branches and unfortunately WS was one of them - an increase of 5 months.

    I'm afraid that, if you are waiting to start Basic, you are still subject to changes in the waiting times, even though you might have completed the recruiting process months ago; you won't be the only candidate who has recently had his/her start date put back.

    The dates given by the CAs are only provisional and based on the information they have to hand on that particular day.
  7. Are you quite certain of that,stranger things happen at sea! :lol:
  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    You obviously haven't been reading the article in today Mail, author suggests that to balance the defence budget books the Trident update should be cancelled and the Nuc. deterrant handed to the Crabs, no new Carriers and cancel the 6? new Destroyers
  9. It could be worse. If you want to join as a Diver then you'd have a wait of TWO AND A HALF YEARS until you joined. I shit you not.
  10. But has it been verified by the local taxi drivers?

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