how did it start for you ?


Lantern Swinger
I lived by the sea, near Rosyth, so always saw the ships coming in and out but in terms of books etc I was always made up when Victor comic had a naval story featured on the front page. Commando magazine probabay had a lot to do with it as well
Always wanted to be in the services. What swung it for, me in my first job I worked with a former Royal Marine. 2 years later at the tender age of 17, skin as smooth as the proverbial.. I signed the dotted line and went to Deal Depot Royal Marines. Sailed round the world 3 times, flew round it once. Made radioactive!! I glow in the dark1 Kicked arse a couple of times! Got myself injured once, kept my head down after that!!!!

Then I went to Rhodesia (Zimbabwe, to those sprogs who don't know any better). Things started to go pearshaped , lost my savings etc. So I came home. Samethings started to happen here, now to old to go away again!

Still glad I became A ROYAL MARINE!!!


War Hero
Both greatgreat grandads in the Andrew
Both Grandads in the Andrew
Father ex Royal
Uncle ex Royal, sergeant on the cuacoa
3 more uncles in the andrew

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@Kirkmania, you must get the award for the restrictionist of the year!!!!

I haven't the patience to search back in the posts of yesteryear!!!!
Restrictionist or resurrectionist? For me - my ABC book had "D is for Destroyer" with an accompanying painting of a sleek grey vessel ploughing through the rough seas. No other kid had that at my school. I remain convinced that my parents switched the page in order to get rid of me at an early age. It worked - though I was most disappointed that the ships did not go "Whoop, whoop, whoop" as I expected!
The area that I come from, all the girls went into nursing, and all the boys went to sea. Started seasonal fishing when I was about 13. Then on to the trawler's full time when I left school. Then on to the mob.

Chris P

War Hero
Recruiters came to the school, crabs (Hunters up the Radfan etc.) and pusser - saw the flight deck film and thought that looks exciting - school wasn't and jioned the wooden wedge head fraternity, never regretted it.