how did it start for you ?

Am curious to know which story book gave you that first tantilising glimpse of the briny when you were a child - whose writing made you want to go down to the sea in ships. How were you first inspired on your chosen (even if later discarded) path ???????
No book enticed me either, just loads of photos of foreign ports (and lasies :wink: ) and many sea dits from my old man (now 85 years young).

Still regret leaving when I did :( sometimes...


Born with a caul over my head (fact), so I had to follow superstition. Truth is that the Royal Tournament and the Rememberance Festival at the Albert Hall had a big hand in it plus the fact you could leave school at 15 and join as a boy. Now that was a big incentive. I also greatly regret going DxP after 15 years. :cry:


TV series Warship and Sailor. Plus Uncle who went to far East on Londonderry and came back with a lot of exotic tales


Always wanted to join from about the age of 10 , had all the pamphlets from Gunner House in Newcastle , joined Raleigh in March 1971 , & have mostly been in Guzz ever since , left in 1995 , :?


No idea why I joined - Think it was my calling.... Walking around London one rainy day and ended up in the recruiting office - 4 months later I was ambling around Raleigh with some GI shouting at me!


Three elder brothers were in the mob an AB RP3...AB GA and FCREM...

three other elder brothers were pongos..L/CPL Coldstream Guards..CPL Coldstream Guards and PVT RCT....


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No idea,juat always wanted to join the RN.The fact my dad was in the Army may have had something to do with the decision.


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Prison or the grave...

Went out for a pint of milk and a newspaper for my Mum and got lost...

Went for a beer in the pub, got talking to this bloke called Andrew Miller, got a headache, and the next thing I remember was being masking-taped to a mess square table with everyone playing 'Freckles' around me...

:shock: :lol:


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Navy brat from birth to age 14 with a few years at the Royal Hospital School in Holbrook thrown in meant that my early childhood was RN to the core. Books by Montserrat, Reeman, Kent, CS Forester and Alistair Maclean also helped!

I went to university after leaving school with the intention of joining up as an engineer post-degree. However engagement / marriage got in the way of a successful RN career, so I took the part-time option with the RNR. As a kid I always wanted to be an engineer officer but as a reservist this path wasn't open so I stayed in Comms as a rating.


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...Free Railcard

...Free Travel Warrants

...A chance to sail the seven seas and fight for Queen and Country

...And the meet interesting people - then kill them!

...A big free bag of uniform

...Three free square meals a day

[how times have changed!]

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