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How could they mess my sons Navy Career up !!! SO VERY SAD

My son started his recruitment journey last April 2016 at RN Careers office Guilford
From the word go he disclosed that he was colour blind but was told that was not an issue, he wanted to be a Marine Engineer and went through all the phases passing each section, at his medical with a Capita Doctor they identified through the eye testing that my son was CP4 this was in August 2016.
However this was overlooked at the Recruitment Center.

In December 2016 he attended HMS Collingwood for his weeks taster session and loved it, he was highly recommended by the instructors there to carry on in the enforces and was give his intake date to HMS Raleigh for 5th March 2017

In January 2017 he attended a final briefing with the recruitment PO at Guildford and was on a high and chomping to go.

The day finally came and we went to Reading to see him off to Plymouth, on archival at HMS Raleigh he knew that his lifes dream had started.

Monday came and went when he finally signed his contract then the dreaded happened, he was in a class on Tuesday 7th March 2017 when a PO came and got him, it was explained that they had noticed he was CP4 and that he needed to take a wire test which he did and failed, they labeled him CP5, straight away he was discharged on medical grounds, he asked why this could have happened and know one wanted to say, only 1 PO said it was the recruiters fault.

Approx 1 hour later he had packed his kit and was put outside the gate at the bus stop with a ticket and sent home, not even driven to the station.

My son is devastated his whole life was ripped from him on Tuesday 7th March 2017 because of a recruiters error this must be negligence.

He has waisted a whole year when they could have captured this back in August 2016, he has spent money on his kit which never got used, he has spent money on a GYM membership to get fit, now he has to start all over again, IT IS NOT FAIR TO DO THIS TO SOME ONE SO YOUNG AND RUIN A LIFE


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CP4 is the accepted grade for ET(ME). Why did he have to carry out a Wire Test.

because of a recruiters error this must be negligence.

Oh and by the way, the recruitment staff in the AFCO have absolutely no control over any medical outcomes.


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Although I can't give the Staff Answer, I do have some sympathy but: sending someone "so young" on an 11 month trip in and out a career cul-de-sac doesn't meet the requirements for ruining a life. A drunk driver who puts a third party in a wheelchair, sipping soup through a straw is ruining a life.

I'm CP4. I'm totally gash at the Ishihara test but I can pass the wire test (civvy doctor 5 years ago).

I seem to recall that there is guidance for the Ishihara test that requires it to be conducted in natural ( daylight ) light or lighting that simulates it.
Its not actually a ruined life. Though as a parent I can forgive Your dramatics. Have You/He considered the engineering path in the MN? A life at sea,and probably better prospects.
best they stick to this at ACPO In the Armed Forces, pressure remains on recruiting officers to meet recruiting target numbers. MoD must make it clear to the Services' recruiting organisations that pressure to meet recruiting targets should not lead recruiting staff to dilute standards or admit applicants who do not meet the mandatory minimum entry criteria


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best they stick to this at ACPO In the Armed Forces, pressure remains on recruiting officers to meet recruiting target numbers. MoD must make it clear to the Services' recruiting organisations that pressure to meet recruiting targets should not lead recruiting staff to dilute standards or admit applicants who do not meet the mandatory minimum entry criteria



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The frustration is genuinely appreciated and whilst the apportion of blame immaterial, the medical standards for entry are applied by the contracted medical examiner.

It's also appreciated the current trend is to complain on social media for maximum impact rather than to the appropriate recruiting authority, but a written complaint would be formally investigated and hopefully prevent this sort of thing happening in future.

I'd be pretty hacked-off if it happened to my son too, so I genuinely do have every sympathy.

Unfortunately, if the colour perception standard is not met, there is no way forward but it is important that this incident is not repeated, whoever is at fault. Applicants should never get as far as joining HMS Raleigh before their medical suitability for service is determined. If ever they do, it's usually because of something deliberately withheld, not because incorrect medical screening was undertaken.

Let's hope your son is able to forge a successful career wherever life takes him.


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Thanks Ninja_Stoker
Rest assured, even Admirals sons and daughters get snarled up in the medical system and you can be assured they aren't backwards in coming forwards when criticising the selection process and the careers advisers processing the application.


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Whats the wire test?

Found answer on an old thread which also gave CP1 to CP4 requirements
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