How common are you?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Guzzler, Mar 5, 2013.

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  1. It's the sleep thing again.

    Obviously everyone on here being a member, former member, or potential member of the Royal Navy/Royal Marines/Merchant Marine plus a Pongo or two has a certain degree of class. Foreign mercenary walts are not included.

    But, though I'm dead classy in a poor underachieving sort of way I do have weaknesses - and I'm sure everyone has something to confess - flying geese on the wall for example? Apart from 2DD from what I've been told who's a right posh fucker.

    My confession? A bottle of 'Matlow's (sic) Rosé' when I have a curry. I know, I know, I know! - and if my wine merchant got to know I'd be blacklisted.

    Come on then commoners, we all have these skeletons.

    Spill the haricot beans.
  2. I have boxed sets of "The Waltons" (Seasons 1 to 5).
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  3. Respect....................
  4. Goodnight Guzzler! Goodnight RumRat! Goodnight Blackrat! etc etc etc.....


    Probably THE greatest television series in the entire history of television series. Nobody got
    murdered, raped, hung, lynched, seen off, shafted, visited by the baliffs, run out of town,
    contracted a mutated terminal deadly virus, turned into a zombie, got pissed or comitted suicide.
    Frantically searching the internet for a place to purchase *Season 6*. Failing that - I'm off to
    the Charity shops to buy a shit-load of Catherine Cookson paperbacks.
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  5. I would eat beans and mushy peas on toast to drop the dead otter when out of beer money.
  6. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    One of the first porn mags I ever saw had one of the walton girl in it, the one bottom left sat on the floor. She had the old gunslinger ammo belts slung over her shoulders and between her tits and the hairiest 70's minge going.
  7. I watch Doctors (sad I know)
  9. Common traits eh?

    Well I talk to you lot so I suppose I am common.
  10. We have about 50 toy stuffed animals and teddy bears , they all have names and personalities they can all talk and have adventures. If we could draw we could knock out some great kiddies books. Our cat" Cinders" has a Phd in every thing.
  11. I've tried to think of something, I really have. The thing is even my bicycle costs more than common people's cars.

    I have noticed that the common people have taken a liking to Barbour jackets in the last 2 years so owning a couple of them like I do could be considered common. Oh, I have some tattoos and I had a pint of Carling in the pub on saturday as they'd ran out of Staropramen, it was fucking horrible.
  12. This thread reeks of poverty.
  13. jockpopeye

    jockpopeye Badgeman Book Reviewer

    I can validate that statement, add Hunter wellies are you have the de rigueur get up for chav school run mums, when they can be bothered getting out of their ugg boots and pyjamas.

    The wine rack in my fridge is full of champagne, but I think I am nouveau riche rather than posh!
  14. You mentioned cost.

    Common as muck.
  15. I eat sardines on toast with lashings of vinegar, salt and pepper sad old fcuk it reminds me off 4 o'clockers, never liked the baby sick though
  16. When I lived oop north I used to love tripe with oodles of salt and vinegar, that, with a lovely pigs trotter made my Saturday tea time a real treat, ee by gum.

    Mushy peas..................or as these southerners call it .....pureed peit for the descerning pleb.
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  17. Well, I'm from the north east and enjoy the odd bottle of Newcastle brown . So, I guess I am already at about 8/10 on the common scale before I note down any "common" tendencies such as loafing about in joggers/wife beater and not currently holding a full time skilled job...
  18. I have a Facebook account.
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