How can you get rid of Corrupt MP's

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Oct 23, 2012.

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  1. Coalition accused of abandoning MP 'recall' plans - Telegraph
    With the elections for the new position of Police Comissioners who can sack Chief Constables, why does this government not follow through on its promise to call to account rogue MP's and sack them.
    Probably because they all feed from the same trough is my thought
  2. In answer to the header..a Barrett .50 cal would work OK
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  3. You soft piece of work, get in with the bayonet man, the backbone of the empire dontcha know.
    I could lend you a short stabbing spear, but my IkIwas (assagais) is dear to me, it was awarded when I retired from the Impi.
  4. Slow death by Mojo!

  5. Beat me to it. Thought the Barrett has been out of service for a while (stupid old twat!!)
  6. easy sack all MP's with any form of criminal, Bankrupsy or dogy dealings, that should get rid of almost all of them, saves your bullets wrecker

    They could use G4 to evict them, they are good at screwing people over:toothy8::booty:
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  7. Love it! A dog advert next to your spelling mistake
  8. My thoughts exactly ... look out for the red dancing dot!
  9. Only in real life do the Fcuk ups get amplified by an advert or is that only on RR
  10. Our MP. Died in a dress with an orange in his mouth with a length of rope round his neck, self inflicted but should be a template for a lot of them.

  11. Which one the Dress, Orange in gob to shut them up or rope around neck
  12. Ah a Tory then?

  13. As with the dress he couldnt make his mind up, Con, Lib Dem then Con again.

    Nice partner though
  14. Take heed of your own advice. Modern Firearms - AI AS50

    If you had clicked on the UK flag and not the US one would you clearly see the Barrett is NO LONGER in use with UK forces. Having fired the AS50 in the EOD role (with incdendiary rounds) I can tell you it is a great bit of kit and has been in service since approx 2006/7.

    Apology accepted.
  15. Do you recon if I offered her tea sympathy and a bag off she would be up for it?
  16. Stop fuckin flashing the old bastard up, he has a hard life as it is, work, the stigma of being a sludger even if retired, travelling shit loads of miles to work and back, and to top it all the poor ****** lives in Janner Land.
    Now you got me sobbing for him.
  17. Perhaps corrupt MPs should be given the choice of a 3 month tour of duty in Afghanistan or two weeks as an STC.
  18. Was Jeffry's a member of your family Slim?
    I like the cut of your Jib.
    Nelson wornt the only ****** who could use this nautical bullshit eh?
  19. Rummers, don't worry about Froggers trying to bully me. I never mentioned which country used the Barrett, just that it was still in use which he decried, the big nasty rubber man :)

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