how can I get my girl friend to lose weight?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Tristan, Jul 31, 2009.

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  1. well? shes put on a few pounds and I'm not sure I want to go out with her any more. Shes becoming a bit lose aswell.
  2. Don't know how you can get her to lose weight, however to tighten her up just get one of those lemon squeezers that are used for pancakes. Squirt it in her minge and that will help. Test it works by squirting some in your mouth.
  3. Agreed that unfit people are not always attractive but check out the rest of her, family, levels of happiness.....she sounds depressed.

    Also look at how you interact with her. If you're critical to her face and she's not that confident, it will make it worse.....depends if you care about her enough to ride this storm out and she cares enough about herself to help herself.

    People overeat for emotional reasons alot of the time, not saying it's up to you to fix her, but having a private, respectful word may reveal more than you see.

    Be well,
  4. Taloolah, don't humour the spastic, it's for the best.

    I suggest that she could get rid of any unwanted fat by slipping a wine glass stalk into Tristan's throat in the dead of night and watching him slowly bleed out in his sleep. Then, by way of rolled up in carpet and Transit van he can be quietly sent on permanent leave in the soft cold depths of Lake Windermere.

    Job done, unwanted dead weight removed from her permanently.
  5. Keep her out of the pie shop.
  6. PMSL. Monty, FFS, will you issue a warning before you post ? :D I was reading with a mouthful of coffee :lol:
  7. That sounds a bit too much like 'familiar 8O detail to me' Just what is your line of work exactly ? 8O
    You're a Turkish carpet vender, aren't you ? Hairyarsed fecker. :D
  8. Coffee? Only coffee .. MLP, you are slipping dear chap ! ;-)
  9. No cream?? lol
  10. No, he's just preoccupied with the office dog. :lol:
  11. There we go with the angry fecker routine your fooling no one sweetheart your a big softie and we all know it.
  12. Tell her you have been shagging her sister, i've noticed that girls seem to stop eating when you tell them that :wink:
  13. From my "vast" (sic) experience (that was sic NOT sick!) she has got to go. Always got fed up with the odd girlfriend who would create their own problems and then turn to food as solace. I am sure that girls look at their wide hips, then look at their thin waists and say "Corr, I can get a lot of fat into that space to make the width equal" and then go charging off to the local kebab shop via several alcopops.

    I'd say that you already have made the decision but you don't realise it. She has got to go.
  14. Leave a few weight watchers leaflets round the place that should help! Or take her on a yomp for ten miles and when you have finished and you feel like doing another ten just mention kindly. Did you read the time of the weight watchers meetings. My darling!!
  15. You fcuktard. Not every woman has zero hips NO MATTER HOW MUCH SHE EXERCISES........! A shape develops in puberty and you work with the results, end of.

    Bit like the fact some men have a 3" cock, some 7", are short arses with pot bellies and Moobs, or simply fcuking ugly.

    TBH, with the shoite calibre of male and their feedback on this thread, she's best off without you anyway. As are all the other WAGS belonging to said contributors.
  16. Get a chocolate bar, attach it to the back of your car via a short length of rope, then drive off...
  17. The only girl that this fu*kwit could aquire is a blow up doll.. I reckon he over inflated it,...just drain a couple of PSI out of it and it'll be fine.
  18. Hey, I don't remember sending you my naked photos. :oops:
  19. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Understandable with the boyfriend she's got - maybe if she gets a life without the deadweight of Tristan she'll once again find a reason for living, and get her body back into fighting trim.

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