How can I convince the Induction Team to take me on !!

Discussion in 'RMR' started by Vintage, Dec 6, 2007.

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  1. I want to join RMR London -

    But I'm 44

    Had previous service (but no green lid)

    2 years Navy 2 months Marines (81 - 83)

    How can I convince the Induction Team to give me a chance!!

    Have said No, but I'm determined !!!!

    (I'm assuming bribery is allowed!!!)
  2. You're too old for the TA let alone the RMR.

    Still within the age limit for the RAuxAF though!
  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Shit out of luck mate, I know the feeling. I wanted to be porn star but all I made was readers wives.
  4. Coffee all over monitor CNUT!!
  5. Vintage, RMR Chatham probably don't get that many 44 year olds going along so any of the Detatchment Staff who are members of RR or have a skeg as guests now and again will be having a chuckle and be prepared for any of your ploys.
    They've probably seen more of this sort of thing than I've had hot dinners, and thats a fair few.
    So accept the facts and move on.
  6. With your history of staying power I think you may be sh+t out of luck
  7. Staying Power - we back to being a Porn Star again!!!

    TA (can get me a waiver for age)

    Hey Guys I don't want to waste RMRs time or yours

    But now able to offer the time needed to serve and have sense of duty

    Which service do you want to be in - RM no contest!!!

    Don't you think I've thought about the physical & mental demands and potential risks of mobilisation.

    But I want to give it my best shot, if it not be be I can help sell poppies!!

    Best Regards

    (Not everyone takes the P***)
  8. If the RMR training team have said no, and the TA have offered to manage through an age waiver, then you've got your answer.

    The other thread discusses all the issues concerned, you're significantly over the threshold.
  9. As the saying goes "There's no point flogging a dead horse"

    Good Luck Guys (Keep up the good work)

    Back to the Porn Industry for me !

    Best Regards
  10. I suspect it will take at least 2 years before I can do RFCC through TA.

    I'm guessing no chance of transferring over to RMR at that point. Especially as I'm signing up for the Army!!! (12 years!!!)

    If that's the case what TA Commando Units are recommended for me to apply to join, as I live in Kent.

    Will go through CMSR in TA in meantime.

    Best Regards
  11. You`ve got more chance of joining the underground artillery mate, Have you tried for boy drummer in the first dragoons afoot? You`re having us on.
  12. I refer you to your previous point about flogging dead horses...
  13. Underground Artillery (isn't that something to do with HAC!!)

    And as for Dead Horses ( Horse Artillery/ Blues & Royals??)

    I'm glad you've found some laughter from my posts.

    Although I am serious!!!! Remember - If you don't ask!!!

    Best Regards
  14. You've asked, been given an answer, now feck off.
  15. :salut:

    Fecking Off!!!
  16. Little fibber; you're on-line now. Did you join the TA?
  17. Try 131 RE
  18. The Armed Forces does not exist to give everyone in the UK a hobby, or something to do with their time.
  19. According to my old write ups, those were the terms I was serving under... :D

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