How can I brew up? Advice requested.

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by i/cflyingcircus, Nov 19, 2007.

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  1. So as a member now of CHF I am very shortly about to make the inevitable journey eastwards to far flung dusty places. I’m already to go and then G10 go and issue me some rather steely looking Desert DPM webbing, on a jerkin type thing- this is instead of my old green belt order.

    However this new kit soon showed that it was another fine example of that work done by our procurement chaps, who always seem to take a step in the right direction whilst facing aft! You see, the so called utility pouches are not even big enough to fit the venerable metal mug in let alone one or both of my mess tins, so what should this traditionally blue water matelot do- how can I brew up if the need was to arise?
    Should I: obtain smaller versions of the above metal items- if so from where? Attempt to fit the U Pouches from my belt order onto the new stuff- or would this be considered naff? Or alternatively, just throw the Desert webbing in the loft and take my old stuff?

    The last time I ate out of anything metal was an ally tray on the old Androm. when gravy in your duff was the norm!

    Please advise.
  2. Carry a daysack which you can use as an emergency crash bag with all essential kit in for 48 hrs.
  3. You can't fit your mess tins into your fighting order utility pouches? How big are they? I can fit a waterbottle with a metal mug, and both mess tins plus more into PLCE Webbing.
  4. I used the old 58 pattern and then arctis chest rig so i didnt really get to use the new shite as i prefered my own kit. I used to use 4-5 58 pattern water bottles as my own personal fighting order as i could fit more ikit in and didnt need to use those crappy kidney pouches which were utter shite!!
  5. Ahh right fair one. Just when I was a simple cadet, still simple just no longer a cadet, just was issued with all the new style webbing and I think it was the '58 Bottles. Then we worked out we could save ourselves abit of time by using that metal ring that comes with Hexi's and just wack a metal mug straight on there!

    I notice lots of people going for their own personal webbing once out of training, perhaps Procurement bods should note that!
  6. Royals have been buying their own kit, rather than use pussers for ages P-O, I still have and occasionally use my rather snazzy Berghaus Cyclops Roc bergan and side pouches and gaiters and... etc etc etc, (At least 27 yrs after purchase!! :eek:mfg: :eek:mfg:)
    Pusser knows only too well that Royal will spend a small fortune on the Beeknees Gucci kit as it impresses the Pongoes!! :slow:
  7. i used pussers chest webbing out in afghan, and had no problem with it, but then i was only carrying ammo and a bowman (camelbak on the clips at the back) DON'T use PLCE if ur in vehicles - v uncomfortable. like the guys say, carry a crashbag with ur wets boat in it. good luck, have fun
  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    As Nutty bag said, get yourself a day sack, mines gone past the 20 year point now as well......

    Also get yourself a metal flask, don't add milk to your tea/coffee as it'll stay warmer longer without, add some powdered milk when you pour it out.

  9. Which is exactly what the government wants you all to do and then they can scrub round issues, stop kit allowance and con everyone out of even more money.
  10. I still have mine circa 1990 mate and its still going strong
  11. BREW BREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 its a fecking wet

    I'm gonna blatently plug RVops. They have some mega spangly field kit that packs down nice and small all none stick etc

    But I'm a kit bitch.

    Don't your mess tins fit in ya webbing? And shouldn't your mug fit in a pouch on a water bottle

    May the force be with you

    Ps link to follow
  12. Is it desert DPM webbing or an assault vest youve been issued mate? It sounds like it might be the new assault vest. I can understand your mess tins not fitting in the pouches, as they are a a bit tight, but your metal mug over an issue waterbottle should fit okay in your utility pouch.

    As Montfish said, PLCE webbing will kill you if your in and out of vehicles all day, so if it is webbing you have, you should consider looking at either chest webbing or an assualt vest and as many have already said - a good daysack to go with this is essential!!

    Another option is to bin the fighting order and use the ammo pouches on your CBA for your magazines and your daysack for everything else. I suppose it depends on your tasks out there.

    Good luck and stay safe!!
  13. The Karrimor Sabre mate. CLICKY
  14. Spenny, and indeed all of you who've taken time to reply, many thanks, and I now have a solution- it's not perfect, but then this is Gov't issue!

    For info it is a load carrying tactical vest by CQC.

    See I don't care what they say about this site, I think it's Ok!
  15. Ditto
  16. Oh dear lord!
  17. Well it has to go with the LBD by Chanel and his Jimmy Choos Rosie.
  18. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    The fact you said that fluently worries me... :oops: :lol:
  19. Oh god this is where i get picky about how good the RM's admin is compared to perce!! Weren't we all taught to put the metal mug in the "pooch" first so that a potential leaking water bottle pours into the mug and therefore isnt wasted!! I was humble rubber dagger but the corps admin always stood out when working with percy!!

    :thumright: :thumright:
  20. And this is why royal should not be allowed out unaccompanied.

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