How bone are Labour supporters

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Maxi_77, Apr 30, 2009.

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  1. Poor, poor deluded fools, let's hope they all slot themselves when they don't.
  2. I live near people like that! They've never voted Conservative and never will, yet bind like buggery about Brown and his like. They also think Mrs T is pulling the strings in the background! Apart from that mental block, many of them are really nice blokes.
  3. When most of the new prospective Tory intake, according to today's Times (30 April 2009, p20: 'Greenhorns with no green credentials: Tory wannabes push party to the right'), believe in the things that sunk the Tories last time round, I wouldn't count on anything.
  4. Maxi_77, it was a question wasn't it?

    Well I don't consider myself a dunderhead by any means and before you label all Labour voters with that tag you need to consider what happened in 97 when nearly everyone was looking for change and the euphoria that surrounded Labours landslide win. Then of course came the liar Blair and Iraq followed by Brown when Blair deserted the sinking ship. You should therefore have some sympathy for us poor souls when New Labour did not deliver the goods and failed us all miserably. This now leaves me on the horns of a dilemma, who do I vote for now? :)
  5. There is a saying that:
    You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.

    Think of what Labour has done to this once fine country, think how Labour thought that Animal Farm was a textbook for government, think what they have achieved?

    The one party who should never again be allowed to govern is Labour. :twisted:
  6. Easy - Conservatives. Can't do much worse, and old Boris is doing a pretty good job in London.

    As an answer to the origional question....out of 10... at least 14 ;)
  7. slim, are you telling me that the UK was a fine country prior to 97? 8O

    WhizzbangDai, well I will have to vote for someone as I do need to keep whinging, as they say and it's a fair one if you don't vote keep your gob shut.
  8. Wait, I do vote? Locals and Nationals?
  9. Look at the Tories in Bromley or Brighton and think again.
  10. I feel sorry for those who bought into New Labour, things could have turned out better; but that cheesy grinning, double glazing salesman of a Prime Minister relied too much on spin and hoodwinking the public. It's because of him New Labour became Nu Liarbour. Then you had the hypocrisy of Two Jags, critisising the general public for not getting out of their cars and using public transport while his missus gets driven two hundred yards in a car so she doesn't get her hair wet. Just one example of how New Labour became a 'do as I say, not as I do' party.

    When Brown became PM I was ready to give him a chance and hoped he would to out turn be a decent leader. I quickly realised that there was no chance of that. It's because of him that New Labour has reverted back to the old Labour attitude of the seventies with their 'tax and spend' policies, penalising those who have well paying jobs, and reverted back to their typical socialist class hatred ideoliogies. At least under the Tories (and even NL under Blair) if you were aspirational and wanted to improve your way of life, your job & earnings, if you wanted to save for your future and have a decent pension which would provide for your retirement, if you wanted to give your children a better chance for a decent future, you could. The Labour party under Brown has taken that all away. The financial security people had has evaporated as they lose their savings and pay ever higher taxes and the rising cost of living. Financial independance has given way to state dependance as people lose their jobs and join the dole queue for state handouts. Just as Labour like it, tax the rich and keep the poor in thrall to the state. Brown refuses to appologise for what has happened in our country but it was his policies as chancellor that set this all in motion, he's just hiding behind the economic downturn around the rest of the world and blaming that. Yes, it has had an effect, but what's happened in this country would have still happened thanks to old Labour's socialist ideology. The only way Labour can redeem themselves is to get shot of Brown before the next election and replace him with someone who is more centre leaning and is prepared to tell the truth, because as it stands there's not a great many people out there who trust what comes out of this government's mouths.

    Although the ship was sinking while Blair was at the helm, he didn't jump, he was pushed. Brown had been plotting for years to usurp him and he did just that once Blair had been weakened and Brown's support increased.
  11. Only the stupidest, most illiterate dingbats would vote for labour now, those that hae chavs for kids and live in council houses.

    In otherwords, *******.
  13. I think you have got the wrong end of the stick I was just saying that if one does not vote then you have no right to whinge.
  14. What if your MP is a Labour one and he/she does an excellent job for his/her constituency?
  15. He/she would be an associate of Brown so should be clubbed to death anyway.
    But we wouldn't have to go that far as being labour there is no chance they would had done anything excellent except fiddle expenses.
  16. I think we're in a real mess when people think Cameron and co are the answer to everything.Sign of the times.
    I think the real thickos are the ones that will rush out to vote Tory, then bitch about them like mad 12 months later when **** all positive happens and we see big cuts in public services.
    Oh the myth about Tory governments looking after the forces; we all know its bollocks so get ready for cuts there too.
  17. I haven't actually seen anyone say they will be voting Tory, just saying they won't be voting labour

    To me it's not the policies any longer, I would vote Bin Laden if I thought that was the only way to get these ******* out.
  18. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Personally I think the reason Major lost in '97 was that he actually stopped being a Conservative - and he signed Maastricht; reall Conservatives either stayed at home or voted against him. Unfortunately he had the limited horizons of a borough councillor, which should have been his ceiling. I seem to remember that the first two years of his reign was wasted wittering on about his 'John Major's Citizen's Charter' which had the same number of teeth as a chicken. Sadly, I am deeply unenthused about his current successor who seems to have the political stability of a weathercock and the moral depth of a birdbath.
  19. People in glasshouses should not wield clubs.

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