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How bigoted are you really?

It was pretty poorly written. It asks about where you're from and all, then asks questions we're going to know nothing about.
Then, on the race thing, asks about walking through a Hispanic neighbourhood at night. Not wanting to would make me racist? No, it'd make me damn sensible for not walking anywhere alone at night.

But here are my results anyway:

"You have completed the study

Thank you for your participation. In this study, we are investigating conscious and unconscious preferences for different topics varying in importance, familiarity, and relevance to the self. Your result, reported below, is already corrected for the order in which you performed the task.
Your data suggest a strong automatic preference for Yankees compared to Red Sox.

Depending on the magnitude of your result, your automatic associations may be described as 'slight', 'moderate', 'strong', or 'little to no preference (or identity)'. How implicit associations affect our judgments and behaviors is not well understood. Also, the score described above may be influenced by a number of variables including your familiarity with the categories and the particular items used to represent the categories. As such, the score should serve as an opportunity for self-reflection, not as a definitive assessment of your implicit thoughts or feelings. This and future research will clarify the way in which implicit thinking and feelings affects our perception, judgment, and action.

The topic of this task was randomly assigned to you from a list of approximately 100 topics. You are welcome to complete as many sessions as you wish, and every session will be a different topic. Some will be topics you have thought about many times, others might be new or unusual topics that you have not considered before. Just return to the login page and enter your email address to start again.

From this study we hope to learn more about variations in conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings that people have for a variety of domains. With this knowledge, we hope to better understand the nature of our preferences for domains that are familiar or unfamiliar to us. If you have unanswered questions about the task, please review background information about this research and follow the links to the questions of specific interest to you. Thanks again for your participation."
I got an unfair test, about baseball teams. What do i know about baseball? Why ask me where i'm from if you're going to ask me an American question?

Edit: Too many typos. Ugh.
Yes, but they asked where you're from. If you're asking a question pertaining to location, the contents of the test should reflect the answer you give. Or the test should be universally understood. They do all this sort of dull questionnaire stuff in A level Sociology.
I did the sandy test and guess what.........
You have completed the Arab-Muslim - Other People IAT.
Your Result
Your data suggest a moderate automatic preference for Other People compared to Arab Muslims.

That can't be right, surely :shock:


War Hero
I think it said I was more White than Asian, I know that!

I may have got confused though.............. good, bad, good, bad, bad, good, good, bad, bood, gad, bod, goad, dog, bog.............I think I have just been brainwashed!


War Hero
chieftiff said:
I think it said I was more White than Asian, I know that!

I may have got confused though.............. good, bad, good, bad, bad, good, good, bad, bood, gad, bod, goad, dog, bog.............I think I have just been brainwashed!

Pssssst you wanna rucksack?Only one owner. :grin: :grin: :grin:


War Hero
everytime I look at the title of this thread on the index I now read How bigtoed are you really, I have definitely been brainwashed!
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